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Enriching History 2014 Videos

enriching history
Enriching History Colloquium 2014
Revisiting the California Gold Rush:
Stories Untold
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The second annual Enriching History Colloquium - Revisiting the California Gold Rush: Stories Untold, took place Sunday, November 16, 2104, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in San Francisco. The meeting hosted a panel of distinguished historical experts who spoke to the role of Women, Jewish, African American, and Freemason actors within the historic period, and explored the culture and music that surrounded them. Scroll down for a list of lecturers and videos. Or click here for more information on the upcoming 2015 event.
1. John Sutter and the Gold Rush: How to Lose a Fortune in a Hurry
by Albert L. Hurtado
2. On the Extremity of Civilization: The Golden Words of the Argonauts
by Gary Kurutz
3. Music of the Gold Rush
Presented by CW Bayer
4. Jewish Voices of the California Gold Rush: Transnational Traditions
By Ava F. Kahn
5. Women were Forty-Niners, too!
By JoAnn Levy

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