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ICC 2018

Criminology for WEB 
International Criminology Conference
Friday, October 12th, 2018
 At the Historic Whittemore House in Washington DC
 1526 New Hampshire Avenue NW
The Call for Papers is now open for the 2018 conference. The purpose is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about topics related to criminology in its broadest context, including causes, consequences both on a micro and macro level, control and prevention. The event brings together academics, policy makers, NGOs, business and social leaders from a variety of backgrounds, for discussion about issues. The event mirrors the interest of the PSO and its partners in fostering conversation about pressing policy concerns. The event is  sponsored by the Policy Studies Organization, the International Journal on Criminology, and the American Public University.
The Broad Scope of Criminology:
The Policy Studies Organization and Westphalia Press are comitted to a very broad view of criminology and to supporting the subject not only in the classroom and in academic research, but in its practice by the bar, law enforcement, and judicial professionals.
We also welcome those who offer analysis and insight through fiction and art, as indeed we do in all our conferences. Our umbrella is a big one and we invite participation by both scholars and, we emphasize, by practitioners.
An aim of the conference is to promote interchange between people working in various aspects of the subject who might otherwise not meet, and to publish the papers that are given in both journal and book form, and to make the presentations available in online video for their use in teaching and training.
We invite the non-financial co-sponsorship of the conference by interested groups seeking a platform in Washington.

The call for proposals is now open. Papers, roundtables, panels, are invited. We seek proposals based on the multidisciplinary study of the criminal phenomenon, making use of the humanities and social sciences to understand the crime, the criminal, the victim, criminality, and society's reaction to crime. Proposals should aim to take rigorous and critical approaches to criminality, and incorporate risk prevention and risk management strategies that take into account the dynamics of crime and the ethical and political stakes surrounding it. Topics include, but are not limited to:
• Class and Crime
• Community Policing
• Crime and Terrorism
• Crime Prevention
• Criminal Behavior
• Criminal Justice Systems and Practices
• Criminal Justice Systems, Reform & Practices
• Criminology Theory
• Cybercrime
• Ethical Issues
• Forensic Science
• Gender Issues
• Issues of Recidivism
• Juvenile Delinquency and Crime
• Mass Incarceration
• Penology
• Police Education and Training Reforms
• Pro-active Policing
• Solitary Confinement
• Use of Parole and Probation
• Using GIS and GPS
• White Collar Crime 
To submit a proposal:
Conference co-chairs:
Alain Bauer is a Professor of Criminology at the French National Conservatory for Arts and Crafts (Paris), and Senior Research Fellow at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York) and the University of Law and Political Science of China (Beijing). Alain is also the Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Criminology
Dr. Paul J. Rich is the president of the Policy Studies Organization.
David Cohen was the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence for the New York City Policy Department. He previously was senior Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. 
Conference fee*:
The Policy Studies Organization and Westphalia Press want the conferences open to as many as possible and have both financial and non-financial co-sponsors, so a simple request will forgive the registration fee. We do need people to register however (link at the top of the page), because we need the number coming for catering, seating, printing, etc. When you register simply indicate that you wish to have the registration waived and it will be our pleasure.
The early conference registration fee for speakers is $200 and $250 for conference attendees, due by October 2nd,unless previous arrangements have been made. The fee for late registration is $300, payable and mailed to:
Policy Studies Organization
1527 New Hampshire Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036
* Arrangements can be made to waive the registration fee. For more information, please contact Daniel Gutierrez ( Continuous refreshments, breakfast, and lunch, will be available for all those in attendance. There is no fee for students, guests of the PSO and  sponsors.
Information on Previous Conferences:



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