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International Criminology Conference 2017 Videos

Opening Plenary Address:
Current Challenges in Criminology
Alain Bauer, French National Conservatory for Arts and Crafts (Paris), John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York), University of Law and Political Science of China (Beijing)
Re-entry of People with Terrorism Convictions
Ismail Royer, Center for Islam and Religious Freedom

1870s ROOM:
Criminal Justice Reforms in Pakistan
Ehsan Sadiq, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Pakistan
Correctional Education and Reentry
Morris Dews and Kiara Wilson, Correctional Education Association
The Effects of Changing Felony Theft Thresholds: National Trends and a Case Study Analysis of South Carolina
Jacob Denney, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Public Safety Performance Project
Examining Ongoing Location Tracking Issues After Jones and Carpenter
Jake Laperruque, The Constitution Project

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: A Description of the Challenges in Policing Trinidad and Tobago
Karen Lancaster-Ellis and Michelle Nicholson, University of the West Indies
Caribbean Police Leaders Perspectives on Death Penalty
Wendell C. Wallace, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine - Trinidad and Tobago
Community Engagement: A Case Study in Trinidad and Tobago
Keel County and Mariell Parris, University of Trinidad and Tobago
Community Policing: Behavioral Communication is the Key to Relationships
P. S. Perkins, Human Communication Institute and University of the District of Columbia
Rodney Parks, Assistant Chief of Policy (Retired) and Penn State Public Safety Justice Institute 
Is Supervise Release an Important Part of Justice Reform?: Lessons from the New York Unified Court System
Moderator: Elizabeth Taylor, Director of Court Operations, Bronx Community Solutions
Tracee Page, Associate Director of Court Operations SRP, Bronx Community Solutions
Rosa Aguirre, Supervising Clinician, Bronx Community Solutions
Jamaal Anderson, Supervised Release Graduate