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Forum on Health, Homelessness, and Poverty Videos 2013

Introduction and Keynote Speech
Bonnie Stabile
Deputy Editor, World Medical & Health Policy Journal
Professor A. Lee Fritschler
School of Public Policy, George Mason University
Keynote Address:
Mark Johnston
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs, Office of Community Planning and Development, US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Panel 1: Health and Homelessness
Jan-Michael Sacharko (Chair)
Director of Development, ASPAN
Health as a Fundamental Cause of Homelessness: Health Issues and the Creation and Persistence of Homelessness
Laura Lein (Presenter)
University of Michigan School of Social Work Katherine Reebel Professor of Anthropology
Amanda Tillotson, MA, MSW (Presenter)
PhD Candidate, Joint Doctoral Program in Political Science and Social Work
Health Implication of Urban Poverty and Deprivation: Evidence from Slums in India
Amit Patel (Presenter)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, George Mason University
Naoru Koizumi (Presenter)
Associate Professor, George Mason University

Panel 2: Understanding and Managing the Experience of Homelessness

Fuad Issa, MD (Chair)
Medical Director, VA Community Resource and Referral Center, Washington, DC
Uncovering Resilience through Service Learning
Kim Bullock (Presenter)
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Beverly Jackson (Presenter)
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Optimizing Care Delivery for Homeless Veterans in Transition
Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki (Presenter)
Alpert Medical School Brown University
Erin E. Johnson (Presenter)
Providence VA Medical Center
Thomas P. O'Toole MD (Presenter)
Providence VA Medical Center, Alpert Medical School, Brown University

Panel 3: Social and Psychological Aspects of Homelessness
Alan Abramson, PhD (Chair)
Director, Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Policy, George Mason University
"You Beg, Borrow, and Steal to Make Sure your Kids are Taken Care Of": The Stress of Parenting While Homeless in a Rural Area
Deanna Trella (Presenter)
Northern Michigan University
Timothy Hilton (Presenter)
Northern Michigan University
Psychiatric Survivors, Poverty and Social Inclusion
Jenn Doherty (Presenter)
Lawson Health Research Institute
Amanda Wright (Presenter)
Lawson Health Research Institute

Panel 4: Helping Those Experiencing Homelessness

Amanda Misiko Andere (Chair)
Executive Director, FACETS
Going beyond Income: Demonstrating the Importance of Disability Benefits
Caroline Bolas (Presenter)
Maryland SOAR Initiative
Daybreak: Serving the Macon, GA Homeless Population through Volunteer Coordination and Collaboration with Social Service Providers
Katherine Buchman (Presenter)
City of Macon Economic and Community Development Department
Sister Elizabeth Greim (Presenter)
Daybreak, Macon, Georgia

Closing Remarks

Linda Kaufman
National Field Organizer
100,000 Homes