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WCFFH 2018 - Preliminary list of speakers


World Conference on Fraternalism,
Freemasonry, and History 2018:

Not Men Only: Sisters, Sororities, and Ritualistic Societies



May 17 - 18, 2018

The Whittemore House, Washington DC
The World Conferences on Fraternalism do have themes, but in addition to the themes, we welcome  other subjects  on  both general and specific subjects that touch on the history of particular orders, social capital, the place of volunteerism in political life, the  role of ngos in  national life – this broad umbrella will be best seen by looking at the programs of past conferences.
The Paris conferences created a welcome network of those working in the fraternal field, and so it was decided that having a Washington conference in alternative years would be welcome in order to sustain the friendships and contacts that Paris has so happily created.
Because we feel that the place of women’s fraternalism has not received the attention it deserves, a theme of the Washington meeting is gender history and gender issues, but as we have noted that does not mean that other topics are not warmly welcome. Similarly Paris in 2019 has singled out the proliferation of degrees in the past and the creation of different rites as a theme, but that does not in any way exclude other  papers.
We are committed to publishing the presentations and have done so with Westphalia Press. We also place videos of the presentations on a convenient site for use in classrooms and lodges.  And we welcome advice and suggestions for improving the future World Conferences.
Preliminary List of Speakers
(updated as we receive proposals)
1. Cécile Révauger
"Call me Sister!"
This presentation will focus on the uses of "sister" rather than "brother" when referring to a female freemason and imposing/trying to impose the feminine gender for lodge offices, when held by women, essentially in French lodges but with a few inklings into mixed an feminine orders in the UK and the US. This shall be related to the French debate which has been going on since the 1980s, about the feminization of job titles and gender neutrality.
2. Olivia Chaumont
"Gender Issues within the GODF: from Theory to Practice"
3. Emanuela Locci
"Feemale Freemasonry in Italy"
4. Paul Rich, Guillermo de los Reyes
Gender Issues in Fraternalism
5. Nancy Theiss
Challenges in the Scholarship of Women's Fraternal Groups
6. Demetrio Xoccato
Freemasons in the New World: Italian Lodges in the USA
7. Teresa Lynn
The Little Lodge on the Prairie Revisited
8. Nancy Sterns Theiss
A Beacon of Light: How Rob Morris Gave Credibility to the Women's Movement


WCFFH 2019 - Preliminary list of speakers


World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry, and History 2019:


1000 Degrees: Constructing Fraternal Rites


June 13 - 15, 2019
The Bibliothèque Nationale - Paris, France
Preliminary List of Speakers
(updated as we receive proposals)
1. Andrew Prescott
"The Origins of Freemasonry and the Invention of Tradition: New Perspectives"
Andrew Prescott, Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow, and Theme Leader for ‘Digital Transformations’ of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the major funder of research in the humanities in the UK. Trained as a medieval historian, doctoral thesis on the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. Curator in the Department of Manuscripts of the British Library, lead curator for the digitization project Electronic Beowulf, major role in the move of the Manuscript Collections from the British Museum to St. Pancras. Founding Director of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry at the University of Sheffield. Librarian of the University of Wales. Head of the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and Royal Historical Society.
2. Thomas de la Sore
"The Companies of the Noble Games of the Bow, the Crossbow, and the Arquebus: Privileged, Fraternal, and Initiatory Urban Societies"
3. Paul Rich
"Masonic Discrimination Against Ethnic, Gender, and Religious Groups: Fraternity without Brotherhood?


WCFFH 2015 Conference Videos: Grand Auditorium

DAY 1 (May 29, 2015)
Guillermo De los Reyes (Conference Chair)
Jean-Loup Graton (Bibliothèque Nationale)
Pierre Mollier (Editor- Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society)
Keynote Address
Civil Society in an Uncivil Age: An Agenda for Freemasonry, Past and Present

Margaret C. Jacob (Distinguished Professor of History, University California of Los Angeles)

Early Masonic Presentation
400 Years of Masonic Music
Part 1

Part 2
Charles Bonaparte (Special Session Chair)
Gille Thorne (Music Historian)
French Resources on Fraternalism
Masonic Archives in France 
François Rognon
Francis Delon
Françoise Moreillon
Pierre Mollier
Plenary Address 
Into the Maelstrom: The Issue of Masonic Regularity, Past and Present
John Cooper (Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California, Past President of the North American Conference of Grand Masters)   
Material Evidence of the Ethereal
The Masonic Temple Between Universal Model and Cultural Tropisms
François Gruson
Jewels, Ornaments, Lights and Furnitures, a Historical and Statisical Study Through Time and Countries: Appearance of the Movable and Immovable Jewels (1696 - 1801)
Dominique Sappia and Herve Hoint-Lecoq
Commanding Elegance: The Decoration and Furnishing of Masonic Lodges in New England, 1790 - 1830
Hilary Anderson Stelling
In the Footsteps of Freemasonry in the Holy Land King Solomon, the First Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and Masonic Sites in the Holy Land
Jeffrey Kantor
DAY 2 (May 30, 2015)
Special Presentation
Savoirs et emblèmes du savoir chez les compagnons tailleurs de pierre à la fin de l'Ancien Régime (Translation: Knowledge and Symbols of Knowledge Among Stone Cutters at the End of the Ancient Regime)
Part 1

Part 2
Jean-Michel Mathonière (Presenter)
Margaret Jacob (Chair)      
Future Web Use by Conferences: The Online University Perspective
Future Web Use by Conferences: Frustrations, Challenges, Cautions
Paul J. Rich (Chair and Commentator)
Taking the Conference to the World: Our Work and Teaching, Publishing, and Surviving the Internet Revolution: New Realities for Fraternal Studies
Philip Ice, Wallace Boston, Karan Powell, Daniel Gutierrez-Sandoval, Margaret Jacob and Count Alessandro Cagliostro
The Bordeaux Village
The French Sources of the "Scottish" Degrees
Pierre Mollier (Session Chair)
Roger Dachez
Louis Trébuchet
Jacques Simon
Pierre Mollier  
Closing Plenary Session
Emperors, Princes, and the Francken Mysteries: What Paris Has Revealed- Report on the Conference Special Committee on the Francken Documents
Brent Morris


WCFFH 2015 Conference Videos: Petit Auditorium

Issues of Gender and Universalism
Rex Kallembach (Chair and Commentator) 
American Female Makers of Masonic and Fraternal Regalia
Aimee E. Newell
L'Ordre de l'Union de la Joye- A Women's Order in the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age
Ineke Huysman
'Universal freemasonry' and Transnational Masonic Movements (c. 1870–1930)
Joachim Berger
The Curious Case of Helene Hadik-Barkóczy with the Freemasons
László Vári
Ancient Ideas in the New World
Terry McCammon (Chair and Commentator) 
Contemporary Canadian Freemasonry: Social Dynamics and Possible Futures
J. Scott Kenney
Pilgrimage and Procession: The 1883 Knights Templar Triennial Conclave and the Dream of the American West
Adam Kendall
Freemasonry, Secret Societies and Civil Society in Cuban Independence
Olga Romero Mestas
A Contemporary Look at the Various Forms of Freemasonry among African-Americans in the United States
Oscar Alleyne
German Aspects of the Craft
Andreas Önnerfors (Chair)
Freemasonry Under the Nazis
David H. Lewis, presented by Mike Kearsley
The Grand-Duchy of Baden 1780-1820: State, Politics and Masonry
Ralf Bernd Herden
Unveiling the Copiale-manuscript: layers of fraternalism, ritual and politics in eighteenth century Germany
Andreas Önnerfors
Masonic Biography
Luis-Jose Meja (Chair and Commentator)
Dudley Wright: His Early 'Truth-Seeking' Years (1906-1916)
Simon Mayers
Santa Anna, the Mason
Casey D. Stanislaw
The Master’s Mask: Richard Wagner & Freemasonry
Maria Danova
Fraternalism and Lodges Coping with Challenge
Guillermo Izabal (Chair and Commentator)
Some Masonic Activities in the Australian Military During WWI
Neil Wynes Morse
Writing History with Lightning: American Nativism, the Ku Klux Klan & the Fraternal Press in the 1920s
Adam Kendall
The Paradox of Infallibility in Masonic Leadership: Can a Grand Lodge be Wrong?
Andrew Hammer
Fraternalism in Times of War: a hundred years since the emblematic case of the Lodge Euphrates No. 1078
Juan Abadjian
Lodge Quatour Coronati- Panel Session
Brent Morris (Chair)
Masonic Research by Mason and Non-Masons: Can Ever the Twain Meet?
Brent Morris
Gordon Davie
Yasha Beresiner
John Belton

WCFFH 2017 Conference Videos

Second World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry,
and History 2017:
Research in Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society
WCP Logo
The Bibliothèque nationale de France - Site François Mitterrand
Quai François-Mauriac, Paris, France
May 26-27, 2017
Grand Auditorium
Friday May 26
 9:30-11:00. Plenary
Greetings and Introduction of Opening Plenary Panel by Guillermo De Los Reyes and Pierre Mollier, Conference Co-Chairs
“The Idea of Associating: Fraternalism and Civil Society”
Margaret Jacob, Naomi Taback, Natalie Bayer, María Eugenia Vázquez Semadeni
11:00-11:20. Coffee Break in foyer. Presentation of Bartholdi Award for Distinguished Scholarship
11:20-13:00. Eighteenth Century Origins and Consequences
Pierre Mollier, Chair
“Influence du conflit entre Whigs et Stuards sur la création de la Grande Loge de Londre et de la Grand Loge de France”
Louis Trebuchet
“Les Lumières et la Franc-maçonnerie allemande au début de 18ème siècle et plus tard”
Michel Warnery 
“Lire les images de la Franc-maçonnerie: l'exemple des 'Gabanons' (1745)”
Philippe Langlet
“New Historical Perspectives: the higher degrees of the ‘French Rite’”
Cécile Révauger, Université Bordeaux Montaigne
13:00-14:00. Lunch Break. Movie Excerpts from "The Man Who Would Be King"
Guillermo Izabal, Chair
14:00-15:30. “The Various Versions of Ramsay’s Discourse”
Presentation by Alain Bernheim
Pierre Mollier, Chair
15:30-15:50. Coffee Break in foyer. Presentation of the Regulus Award by Pierre Mollier
15:50-17:30.  “Restoring the Compagnonnage to Fraternal History: Further Considerations”
Margaret Jacob, Chair
“The Stone and the Compass: The Company of the Humanity of the Stonemasons of Tours: Cross Paths Between Compagnonnage, Mutualism, and Freemasonry”   
Jean Michel-Mathonière, Centre d'étude des compagnonnages à Avignon
Saturday May 27 
9:00-9:30. Continental Breakfast. Foyer
9:30-10:45. Plenary
“James Anderson and the Myth of 1717”
Susan Sommers, Professor of History, Saint Vincent College
Mike Kearsley, Chair
10:45-11:00. Coffee Break 
11:00 -13:00. “Aspects in Dispute: Past and Present of the French Masonic Scene”
Alain Bauer and Roger Dachez, Co-chairs
“Cartoons, Thrillers, and Freemasonry”
Alain Bauer, Alain Jacques Lacot (TBC), Didier Convard (TBC), Eric Giacometti (TBC), Jacques Ravenne (TBC)
“Lire les images de la franc-maçonnerie : l'exemple des 'Gabanons' (1745)”
Philippe Langlet
13:00-14:00. Lunch Break. Movie Excerpts
Guillermo Izabal, Chair
14:00-16:00. “Imperialism, Colonialism and Multiple Freemasonries” Part 2
Guillermo De Los Reyes, Chair
“El imperio contra el pueblo. ¿Presencia Masónica en la Semana Trágica de Barcelona (1909)?”
Sylvia Hottinger, Independent Scholar, CEHME, REHMLAC+
“Hermano moro, masonería y colonialismo en Protectorado Español de Marruecos (1931-1936)”
Valeria Aguiar Bobet, Universidad Jaume I de Castellón
“Impérialismes, maçonniques et… politique”
Yván Pozuelo Andrés, IES Universidad Laboral de Gijón, CEHME, REHMLAC+
“‘Civilizing the barbarians’: Freemasonries at the Service of Empires”
Ricardo Martínez Esquivel, Universidad de Costa Rica, CEHME, REHMLAC+
16:00- 16:20. Coffee Break
16:20-17:15. The “Ramsay Summation” – Grand Auditorium
Pierre Mollier, Cécile Révauger, Margaret Jacob,  Alain Bernheim, Paul 
Petit Auditorium
Friday May 26

11:30-12:00. “Music and Masonry”
Naomi Taback, Chair
India D'Avignon, California Polytechnic State University
14:00-18:00. “Freemasonry and Visual Arts: A Symposium”
Reva Wolf, State University of New York at New Paltz, and Alisa Luxenberg, University of Georgia, Athens, Chairs
Part 1:  Freemasonry and the Exploration of Architecture
“Freemasonry in Eighteenth-Century Portugal and the Architectural Projects of the Marquis de Pombal”
David Martín López, University of Granada
“Building Codes:  New Light on Baron Taylor and Les Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l’ancienne France”
Alisa Luxenberg, University of Georgia
“Reveil de l'Iran: Freemasonry and Artistic Revivalism from Parsi Bombay to Qajar Tehran”
Talinn Grigor, University of California, Davis
15:15-15:30. Coffee Break
Part 2: Art, Freemasonry, and Social and Political Upheaval
“Meissen Porcelain and the Order of the Pug”
Cordula Bischoff, independent scholar
“Goya’s Art and Freemasonry in Spain”
Reva Wolf, State University of New York at New Paltz
“Masonic Imagery in Haitian Vodou”
Katherine Marie Smith, New York University
Part 3: Transformations in the Art of Freemasonry in the U.S. from the Late Eighteenth Century to the 1960s
“‘Within the Compass of Good Citizens’:  The Visual Arts of Freemasonry as Practiced by Paul Revere”
Nan Wolverton, American Antiquarian Society
“To Consummate the Plan”:  Solomon’s Temple in Masonic Art, Architecture and Popular Culture, 1865-1930”
William D. Moore, Boston University
“‘A Change Is Gonna Come’:  Imaging Black Freemasons from Emancipation to the 1960s”
Cheryl Finley, Cornell University, and Deborah Willis, New York University

Saturday May 27 
9:30-10:45. “Imperialism, Colonialism and Multiple Freemasonries” Part 1
Guillermo De Los Reyes, Chair
“Dependence and Autonomy: The English Freemasons and their Relations in Argentina and Brazil (1859-1935)
Felipe Côrte Real de Camargo, University of Bristol
“El discurso antimasónico católico en la defensa del imperio español. Entre antilumieres y contrarrevolución”
Felipe Santiago del Solar, Independent Scholar
“Imperialismo Fraterno: la pugna entre el GOF y la UGLE”
Rogelio Aragón, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City
“The Revolutionary Morality of Freemasonry: Universal Justice and Solidarity since the Paris Commune”
Alhelí de María Alvarado-Díaz
10:45-11:05. Coffee Break
11:05-13:00. “Ramsay and His Relationships to Intellectual History”
Craig Remes, Chair.
“The Influence of the Scottish Poem ‘The Bruce of John Harbour’ (about 1375) on the Ramsay's Oration”
Francis Delon
“A Rereading of Ramsay's Oration 1737: The Dream of the Spiritual Empire in its Context of the New Catholic and Stuart Revival”
Pierre Besses & Louis Trebuchet
“The Paternity of Ramsay's Speeches: de La Motta, Madame de Guyon, and the Corridors of Power”
Arnaud Marquet
“Anton von Geusau's Conversations with Ramsay: An Examination of his Original Diary”
Reinhard Markner, University of Innsbruck
"Ramsay et le Jacobitisme, évolution d'une relation durable"
Sophie Desplanches
14:00-16:00. “Ramsey and His Disputed Contributions” 
Andreas Önnerfors, Chair
“L’entourage spirituel de Ramsay en France: du ‘Pur Amour’ de Fenelon et Mme Guyon à la ‘Fraternité universelle’ / The Spiritual Company of Ramsay in France: How Fenelon and Guyon's ‘Pure Love’ Leads to the ‘Universal Brotherhood’ Concept”
Aymeric Le Delliou
“Ramsay's ideas on World Citizenship and Cosmopolitanism”
Andreas Önnerfors
“‘Les Voyages de Cyrus’ du Chevalier de Ramsay: entre roman spirituel et conte philosophique / Ramsay's ‘Voyages’: Between Spiritual Fiction and Philosophical Tale”
Samuel Macaigne
16:00.-16:20. Coffee Break
16:20-17:15. “Ramsay Summation” at the Grand Auditorium.
Pierre Mollier, Cécile Révauger, Margaret Jacob,  Alain Bernheim,  Paul Rich, Guillermo De Los Reyes
17:15. Closing Toast To WCFFH 2019, Foyer