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Committee on the Francken Documents

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The Lahore Manuscript
Wednesday, Thursday - May 27 - 28, 2015
Committee on the Francken Documents: All Day Sessions on the Discoveries at the Museum of Freemasonry, Rue Cadet
Directly preceding the conference will be a workshop, by invitation, to view and analyze developments with the Francken Manuscripts and other eighteenth century original documents, to be held at the Museum of Freemasonry, rue Cadet. The workshop will present and discuss a special exhibit of materials not previously on public display. Henry Francken, who helped spread Masonry in the Western Hemisphere in the 18th century, transcribed degrees, copies essential to understanding Masonic history having survived in the libraries of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite in America (1783), the United Grand Lodge of England (n.d.), and the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales (1781). Another copy once owned by the Lord Lyon of Scotland has been discovered in Lahore, Pakistan. In addition, the Bibliotheque Nationale has a related important earlier manuscript. A meeting in London in December at the United Grand Lodge Library which included the Ancient and Accepted representatives, as well as talks with the Bibliotheque, the Northern Jurisdiction and with Lahore has made this extraordinary workshop and viewing possible, to be presented as a special exhibit at the Museum of Freemasonry. See For more details or to reserve a spot, please contact Dr. Brent Morris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Conference Display Area at Museum of Freemasonry, Rue Cadet
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