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About the Bibliothèque Nationale: Information and Logisitics

We are pleased to be hosting the first World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry, and History at the wonderful Bibliothèque Nationale, in Paris France (BnF). One of the five largest libraries in the world, the Bibliothèque Nationale was built as "the temple of the spirit" and as symbolic of scholarship: Here you will find additional details about the venue and other program logistics.
Meals may be taken by delegates at any of the numerous nearby cafes and eateries. On Sunday there will be an optional informal walk, taking in the masonic and masonic related sites of the area. Details about this excursion are forthcoming.
We invite our guests to visit the BnF website to discover more about this historic and important institution. Here you will also find an introductory video, (in English), familiarizing visitors with the library and its endless resources. Please follow the link provided for more details: (
The above picture may be useful to our guests, helping to familiarize them with the BnF and its surroundings. The library fronts the Seine River, (near Notre Dame Cathedral), and includes four towers, designed to suggest open books. The grand entrance to the conference auditoriums is by the left-hand rear tower as you look from the riverside. The lower building in the right corner includes various eateries ideal for meal breaks and rest time. Additionally, between the two rear towers stretches an attractive cafe.
The weather in Paris at the end of May generally has both brisk and hot days, with average temperatures at around 62 degrees F. Pack clothes that you can layer in case an unusually cool or hot day sneaks up on you. it can be rainy, and sudden thunderstorms are common. Pack a reliable umbrella in case one of these surprises you during a stroll. Our colleagues often are smartly dressed.
Other Details:
>>There is a metro that adjoins the Library, for easy access to the conference and with varying lodging options around the area.
>>Wi-fi connection and full AV set-up will be provided for those presenting. Please note that cellular devices will not function within the BnF. However, users may find their particular service carrier functions outside the building.
>>Backpacks, satchels, or other large bags may not be brought into the conference area, which is adjacent to important collections and exhibits. The Bibliohèque Nationale and conference organizers are not responsible for personal property. The restrictions rules concern only luggage and travel bags (like big backpacks). Smaller ones, urban backpacks ("The male Purse") are authorised, like umbrellas and portfolios.
>>Simultaneous French-English translation will be provided in the main auditorium. Presenters elsewhere may be accompanied by translators.
>>Presenters who are presenting in English, but are not a native speaker and would like to be paired with a scholar who may help them revise their talk, are welcomed to contact the Registrar of the Conference: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
>>Early inquiry is appreciated in regards to special requests for hearing enhancement, physically challenged access, child care, or other potential needs of our guests. Complimentary coffee and refreshments will be provided throughout the day for our guests.
Exhibitions at the BnF: