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Schedule of Events- WCFFH 2015

World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry & History
Schedule of Events - WCFFH 2015
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 We are excited by a week of great moments and to greet a diverse group of scholars, researchers, artists, and musicians for this year's program. The event and its participants promote multilingual and multicultural scholarship in areas such as the relations between Masonic-related subjects like the Companionnage, guilds, friendly societies, and Greek fraternities. Below you will find a detailed schedule, complete with associated events (noted by an asterisk*), such as Las Reuniones Lafayette and the special Magic Flute production that our guests may find of interest.
*Please note the presentation papers for each of the speakers below are not in any way final or publishable, but are simply notes meant to make it easier for the interpreters to locate papers throughout the program for the purposes of simultaneous translation.
*In honor of the award winners throughout our program, a donation is being made to Libraries Without Borders, an international NGO that provides library resources to refugees and displaced peoples in may countries. Their Chairman, professor Patrick Weil, well explains their goals.
If you appreciate the conference and free registration, which is partly through the generosity of American Public University, the websites for donations are in North America and in Europe.
Do google Libraries Without Borders activities, which are extraordinary. The people helped, besides all their other challenges, lack the books and periodicals that we at these Paris meetings take for granted.
Thursday- May 28, 2015
1 *Two of the historic French grand lodges have organized a joint meeting for the evening, demonstrating an amity which has at times been strained. The event is at 8 pm in the Grand Temple of the Grand Orient.The conference title is "Freemasonry and Its Mythologies" and presents two celebrated scholars, Brother Yves Hivert-Messeca of the Grand Orient, who is Lieutenant-Commander of the Supreme Council, and Brother Bruno Pinchard of the Grand Lodge National, well known university professor in France and Italy. Other grand bodies have been invited. There will be no translation and seating is very limited. Apply to Pierre Mollier ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you wish to attend.
Research Meetings: Wednesday, Thursday - May 27 - 28, 2015
Illustration FranckenDoc
The Lahore Manuscript, pictured above. 
Committee on the Francken Documents: All Day Sessions at the Museum of Freemasonry, rue Cadet
A workshop organized by invitation, to view and analyze developments with the Francken Manuscripts and other eighteenth century original documents, will be held at the Museum of Freemasonry, rue Cadet, directly preceding the conference.The workshop will present and discuss a special exhibit of materials not previously on public display. Click here for more information and to reserve a spot... 
3 4:00 PM Thursday 4pm- Viewing and reception for the Francken Documents at the Museum of Freemasonry (
4 *Thursday 8:30 PM The French premiere of "Golem", Théâtre des Abbesses, tickets available here. See the discussion, Grand Lodge of British Columbia and the Yukon at
*All Day Attraction, Early arrivals might consider the several hundred antiquarian bookshops and the unusual flea markets with various manuscripts and books. The Seine-side booksellers with their familiar green metal display cases will be open in force.
Day One: Friday- May 29, 2015- Taking Stock
5 9:00AM Coffee in the Foyer
6 9:30 - 10:00 AM Welcome- Grand Auditorium 
Guillermo De los Reyes, (Conference Chair), Jean-Loup Graton, (Bibliothèque Nationale), Pierre Mollier, (Editor- Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society)
10:00 - 10:45 AM Keynote Address- Grand Auditorium 
Margaret C. Jacob, Distinguished Professor of History, University California of Los Angeles- Civil Society in an Uncivil Age: An Agenda for Freemasonry, Past and Present
Introduced by: Paul J. Rich, President, Policy Studies Organization
8 10:45 - 11:30 AM Early Masonic Presentation in the Grand Auditorium
Special session chaired by: Charles Bonaparte
400 Years of Masonic Music- Special Instrumental Presentation
Mozart actually wrote for a unique instrument called the basset horn, absent from recitals of Masonic music for 200 years. Music historian, Gille Thorne, has restored the proper place of the basset and will share his adventures.
9 11:30-11:45 AM Coffee in the Foyer- Presentation of the Bartholdi Award for Distinguished Scholarship, presented to Yves Hivert-Messeca, who has written a monumental and ingenious "History of Freemasonrys in Europe (in four volumes,) with a groundbreaking academic and geopolitical point of view that dramatically expands the dimensions of our field. Click here for more information.

11:45AM - 1:15 PM Salon Breakout Sessions
10 Salon One: Unresolved Historical Inquiries (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: John Cooper
John Belton and Keith Carpenter, Problems in Masonic Bibliography
11 Salon Two: French Resources on Fraternalism (location: Grand Auditorium)
Chair: Pierre Mollier
Panel Session
François Rognon, Francis Delon, Françoise Moreillon, Pierre Mollier- Masonic Archives in France  (presented in French with translation)
12 Salon Three: Issues of Gender and Universalism (location: Petit Auditorium)
Chair and Commentator: Rex Kallembach
Aimee E. Newell, American Female Makers of Masonic and Fraternal Regalia
Ineke Huysman, L'Ordre de l'Union de la Joye- A Women's Order in the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age
Joachim Berger, 'Universal freemasonry' and Transnational Masonic Movements (c. 1870–1930)
13 1:15 - 2:15 PM Break for Lunch 
Screening of the BBC's Inspector Morse, Masonic Mysteries, Season 4, Episode 4 ( Grand Auditorium)
Moderator: Guillermo Izabal
14 2:15 - 3:30 PM Plenary Address- Grand Auditorium
John Cooper, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of California, Past President of the North American Conference of Grand Masters- Into the Maelstrom: The Issue of Masonic Regularity, Past and Present
Chair: Guillermo De Los Reyes
Responder and Commentator: Alain Bauer
15 3:30 - 3:45 PM Coffee in the Foyer- Presentation of the Regulus Award for Distinguished Service to the Scholarly Community, for the very ehlpful just published "The Secret School of Wisdom - The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati" by Josef Wäges, Reinhard Markner (editors), and Jeva Singh-Anand (translator), giving us for the first time reliable information about what has been a myth in popular literature and on the Web, and thus opens up new possibilities for research. Click here for more information.
3:45- 5:20 PM Salon Breakout Sessions
16 Salon One: Material Evidence of the Ethereal (location: Grand Auditorium)
Chair and Commentaor: Martin Kanter 
Hilary Anderson Stelling, Commanding Elegance: The Decoration and Furnishing of Masonic Lodges in New England, 1790-1830
Jeffrey Kantor, In the Footsteps of Freemasonry in the Holy Land King Solomon, the First Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and Masonic Sites in the Holy Land
17 Salon Two: Ancient Ideas in the New World (location: Petit Auditorium)
Chair and Commentator: Terry McCammon
Adam Kendall, Pilgrimage and Procession: The 1883 Knights Templar Triennial Conclave and the Dream of the American West
Oscar Alleyne, A Contemporary Look at the Various Forms of Freemasonry among African-Americans in the United States
18 Salon Three: In Far Places (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: Guillermo De Los Reyes
László Vári, Ferenc Pulszky's Masonic Periods
Martin Javor, Orpheus, Mährische Magazin and Prager Gelehrte Nachrichten – Masonry Magazines in Central Europe in the 18th Century
End Day One
19 *7:30 PM The Magic Flute, performed by the Paris Opera- Tickets with English notes available here 
Day Two: Saturday- May 30, 2015- Setting Agendas
20 9:00 AM Coffee in Foyer- Presentation of the Kilwinning Award for Lifetime Contributions to Research and Scholarship. This award is given for a long period of distinguished service to the scholarly world. Appropriately for 46 years, through many challenges and despite many obstacles, "Reinassance Traditionnelle" has focused on the history of rituals and masonic systems , applying the highest scholarly standards to investigate the world's symbolic heritage and becoming one of the most relied upon reference journals in fraternal and Masonic literature. Click here for more information.
9:30 - 11:00 AM Salon Breakout Sessions
 21... Salon One: *Special Presentation 9:30- 12:30 PM* - Grand Auditorium
(Presented with English Translation) 
Chair: Margaret Jacob
22 Salon Two: Lodge Quatour Coronati- Panel Session (location: Petit Auditorium)
Chair: Brent Morris
Brent Morris, Gordon Davie, Yasha Beresiner, and John Belton- Masonic Research by Mason and Non-Masons: Can Ever the Twain Meet?
23 Salon Three: Roots and Branches (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: Guillermo De Los Reyes
Piroska Balogh, The Constitution and Operation of the Draskovics Observance
11:00 - 12:30 PM Salon Breakout Sessions
21 Salon One: *Special Presentation 9:30- 12:30 PM* - Grand Auditorium 
Chair: Margaret C. Jacob
Jean-Michel Mathonière, Savoirs et emblèmes du savoir chez les compagnons tailleurs de pierre à la fin de l'Ancien Régime / Compagnonnage: Knowledge and Symbols of Knowledge Among Stone Cutters at the End of the Ancien Régime
(Presented with English Translation)
24 Salon Two: Fraternalism and Lodges Coping with Challenge (location: Petit Auditorium)
Chair and Commentator: Guillermo Izabal, Royal Arch No. 2
Adam Kendall, Writing History with Lightning: American Nativism, the Ku Klux Klan & the Fraternal Press in the 1920s
Andrew Hammer, The Paradox of Infallibility in Masonic Leadership: Can a Grand Lodge be Wrong?
25 Salon Three: Origins of Fraternal Wisdom (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: Goncalo Amaral
Josef Wäges and Reinhard Markner, The Secret School of Wisdom: The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati
26 12:30 - 1:30 PM Break for Lunch - Screening, the 1943 Nazi anti-Masonic movie, Forces Occultes (Hidden Forces), original uncut version, with English subtitles ( Grand Auditorium)

Moderated by Guillermo Izabal

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Salon Breakout Sessions
27 Salon One: German Aspects of the Craft (location: Petit Auditorium) 
Chair: Andreas Önnerfors 
David H. Lewis, Freemasonry Under the Nazis: presented by Mike Kearsley
Ralf Bernd Herden, The Grand-Duchy of Baden 1780-1820: State, Politics and Masonry
28 Salon Two: Brothers Abroad (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: Guillermo De Los Reyes
Zhenya Gershman, Rembrandt's Secret
Lori Lee Oates, Edward Bulwer‐Lytton and the Globalization of Fringe Masonic Philosophies in the Nineteenth Century
Guillermo De Los Reyes, The Complicated Terrains of Mexican Freemasonry in the Nineteenth Century
29 Salon Three: Future Web Use by Conferences: The Online University Perspective (location: Grand Auditorium)
Philip Ice, Wallace Boston, Karan Powell, Daniel Gutierrez-Sandoval, Margaret Jacob and Count Alessandro Cagliostro- Taking the Conference to the World: Our Work and Teaching, Publishing, and Surviving the Internet Revolution: New Realities for Fraternal Studies
3:00 - 4:30 PM Salon Breakout Sessions
30 Salon One: Evolution of the Fraternal Metaphors (location: Salle 70)
Chair and Commentator: Rex Kallembach
Klaus-Jürgen Grün, Development of Humanitarian Freemasonry since Anderson's Constitutions
31 Salon Two: The Bordeaux Vintage (location: Grand Auditorium)
Chair: Pierre Mollier
Panel Session
Roger Dachez, Louis Trébuchet, Jacques Simon, Pierre Mollier, The French Sources of the"Scottish" Degrees 
32 Salon Three: Masonic Biography (location: Petit Auditorium)
Chair and Commentator: Luis-Jose Meja
Casey D. Stanislaw, Santa Anna, the Mason
33 4:30 PM Closing Plenary Session- Grand Auditorium
Brent Morris, Emperors, Princes, and the Francken Mysteries: What Paris Has Revealed- Report on the Conference Special Committee on the Francken Documents
End Day Two
34 6:00 PM Farewell Reception, (location: Foyer) - Recognition of Conference Personnel and Toast to WCFFH 2017
35 *7:30 PM Les Enfants du Paradis (Ballet l'Opera de national de Paris) exploring illusion and reality in the provocative production by Jose Martinez
36 *8:30 PM Music Festival, the famous music festival in the quarter Saint Germain will be at its height on Saturday evening:
Sunday- May 31, 2015
37 ~Informal walking tour of local Masonic sites and architecture led by François Gruson (details forthcoming)~
A self-guided tour of locations and curiosities from Dan Bown's novel, The Da Vinci Code is easily put together using the site
The Catacombs extend for more than 150 miles under Paris with much of fraternal and ritualistic interest. For the museum and tours see:
Fortuitously, an antiquarian book and manuscript flea market, Le Marche du Livre Ancien, convenes Sundays at the Parc Georges Brassens, rue Brancion, 15th arr, Porte de Vanves metro, 9-6 pm. The adjacent park include interesting sculpture, a marionette theatre and a beekeeping school.

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