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WCFFH 2015 Conference Videos: Petit Auditorium

Issues of Gender and Universalism
Rex Kallembach (Chair and Commentator) 
American Female Makers of Masonic and Fraternal Regalia
Aimee E. Newell
L'Ordre de l'Union de la Joye- A Women's Order in the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age
Ineke Huysman
'Universal freemasonry' and Transnational Masonic Movements (c. 1870–1930)
Joachim Berger
The Curious Case of Helene Hadik-Barkóczy with the Freemasons
László Vári
Ancient Ideas in the New World
Terry McCammon (Chair and Commentator) 
Contemporary Canadian Freemasonry: Social Dynamics and Possible Futures
J. Scott Kenney
Pilgrimage and Procession: The 1883 Knights Templar Triennial Conclave and the Dream of the American West
Adam Kendall
Freemasonry, Secret Societies and Civil Society in Cuban Independence
Olga Romero Mestas
A Contemporary Look at the Various Forms of Freemasonry among African-Americans in the United States
Oscar Alleyne
German Aspects of the Craft
Andreas Önnerfors (Chair)
Freemasonry Under the Nazis
David H. Lewis, presented by Mike Kearsley
The Grand-Duchy of Baden 1780-1820: State, Politics and Masonry
Ralf Bernd Herden
Unveiling the Copiale-manuscript: layers of fraternalism, ritual and politics in eighteenth century Germany
Andreas Önnerfors
Masonic Biography
Luis-Jose Meja (Chair and Commentator)
Dudley Wright: His Early 'Truth-Seeking' Years (1906-1916)
Simon Mayers
Santa Anna, the Mason
Casey D. Stanislaw
The Master’s Mask: Richard Wagner & Freemasonry
Maria Danova
Fraternalism and Lodges Coping with Challenge
Guillermo Izabal (Chair and Commentator)
Some Masonic Activities in the Australian Military During WWI
Neil Wynes Morse
Writing History with Lightning: American Nativism, the Ku Klux Klan & the Fraternal Press in the 1920s
Adam Kendall
The Paradox of Infallibility in Masonic Leadership: Can a Grand Lodge be Wrong?
Andrew Hammer
Fraternalism in Times of War: a hundred years since the emblematic case of the Lodge Euphrates No. 1078
Juan Abadjian
Lodge Quatour Coronati- Panel Session
Brent Morris (Chair)
Masonic Research by Mason and Non-Masons: Can Ever the Twain Meet?
Brent Morris
Gordon Davie
Yasha Beresiner
John Belton