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WCFFH 2018 - Preliminary list of speakers


World Conference on Fraternalism,
Freemasonry, and History 2018:

Not Men Only: Sisters, Sororities, and Ritualistic Societies



May 17 - 18, 2018

The Whittemore House, Washington DC
The World Conferences on Fraternalism do have themes, but in addition to the themes, we welcome  other subjects  on  both general and specific subjects that touch on the history of particular orders, social capital, the place of volunteerism in political life, the  role of ngos in  national life – this broad umbrella will be best seen by looking at the programs of past conferences.
The Paris conferences created a welcome network of those working in the fraternal field, and so it was decided that having a Washington conference in alternative years would be welcome in order to sustain the friendships and contacts that Paris has so happily created.
Because we feel that the place of women’s fraternalism has not received the attention it deserves, a theme of the Washington meeting is gender history and gender issues, but as we have noted that does not mean that other topics are not warmly welcome. Similarly Paris in 2019 has singled out the proliferation of degrees in the past and the creation of different rites as a theme, but that does not in any way exclude other  papers.
We are committed to publishing the presentations and have done so with Westphalia Press. We also place videos of the presentations on a convenient site for use in classrooms and lodges.  And we welcome advice and suggestions for improving the future World Conferences.
Preliminary List of Speakers
(updated as we receive proposals)
1. Cécile Révauger
"Call me Sister!"
This presentation will focus on the uses of "sister" rather than "brother" when referring to a female freemason and imposing/trying to impose the feminine gender for lodge offices, when held by women, essentially in French lodges but with a few inklings into mixed an feminine orders in the UK and the US. This shall be related to the French debate which has been going on since the 1980s, about the feminization of job titles and gender neutrality.
2. Olivia Chaumont
"Gender Issues within the GODF: from Theory to Practice"
3. Emanuela Locci
"Feemale Freemasonry in Italy"
4. Paul Rich, Guillermo de los Reyes
Gender Issues in Fraternalism
5. Nancy Theiss
Challenges in the Scholarship of Women's Fraternal Groups
6. Demetrio Xoccato
Freemasons in the New World: Italian Lodges in the USA
7. Teresa Lynn
The Little Lodge on the Prairie Revisited
8. Nancy Sterns Theiss
A Beacon of Light: How Rob Morris Gave Credibility to the Women's Movement