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Dupont Summit 2012: Pressing Issues Amid the Political Maelstrom

Infragard EMP SIG Meeting materials:
Thank you to the speakers and participants of the Dupont Summit 2012!
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SAVE THE DATE: The next Dupont Summit: December 6, 2013 at the Women's National Democratic Club in Washington, DC.

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2012 Speakers and Topics

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I. Venue: Auditorium, Carnegie Insitution for Science
InfraGard EMP SIG Auditorium Panels
Chair: Chuck Manto, InfraGard National EMP SIG Manager
Confirmed to date: Former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security Paul Stockton, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, and many others.
Click here to view the InfraGard portion of the Dupont Summit program (pdf). 
II. Venue: Carnegie Insitution for Science - Board Room, Library, Founder's Room, Mayor Room
"Technology, Innovation, Education, and Policy"
Daniel Benjamin, Dean - School of Science and Technology, American Public University
Daniel Welsch, PhD, American Public University

“The ‘Big Data’ Initiative and Great Expectations for Shifting the Worldview Paradigm”
Chair: Shawn Schulenberg, PhD, Marshall University
Simon Berkovich, PhD, Department of Computer Science, George Washington University

"The Evolving Research Enterprise: The Role of Foundations and Strategic Funding"
Janet Berkovitz, PhD, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Maryann Feldman, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mark Crowell, Executive Director of U. Va. Innovation, Associate Vice President for Research, University of Virginia
Elana Koustova, PhD, NIH, National Institute of Drug Abuse
Max Wallace, JD, President and CEO, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure

"The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in US Knowledge Production and the Future of Global Competitive Advantage in Science and Technology"
Craig Boardman, PhD, Associate Director of the Battelle Center for Science & Technology Policy, Ohio State University

"The Political Dynamics of Policy Design: The Case of Climate Change Policy in the U.S."
Brian J. Cook, PhD, Virginia Tech
Michael D. Jones, PhD, Virginia Tech

"Advancing Technologies at Life's Beginning and End: Policy Implications for Women's Health and Wellbeing"
Lisa Eckenwiler, PhD, George Mason University
Bonnie Stabile, PhD, George Mason University

"A Distributed, Collaborative and Non-Partisan 21st Century Approach to Technology Assessment: From Concept to Practice"
Chair: Mahmud Farooque, PhDArizona State University
Darlene Cavalier, Science Cheerleader
Gretchen Gano, Arizona State University
David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science Boston
Richard Worthington, PhD, Pomona College
Mikko Rask, PhD, Finland National Consumer Research Center
Naba Barkakati, PhD, U.S. Government Accountability Office
Rachelle Hollander, PhD, National Academy of Engineering

"Worldwide Views on Biodiversity: An Analysis of Citizen Participation and Engagement in Policy Formulation"
Chair: Mahmud Farooque, PhD, Arizona State University
David Tomblin, PhD, Virginia Tech 
Steve Sanders, Pomona College
Richard Worthington, PhD, Pomona College
Gretchen Gano, Arizona State University
David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science Boston

"Tracking the Technology Revolution: Highlights from the TechCast Project"
William E. Halal, PhD, George Washington University, Bangkok University, TechCast LLC

"Integrating Science Into Civic Engagement Through University-Community Research Collaborations: Promoting Environmental Health and Well-Being in Agricultural Communities"
Chair: Jose De Los Reyes Heredia, PhD, University of Houston
Grady Hanrahan, PhD, John Stauffer Professor of Analytical Chemistry, California Lutheran University
Haco Hoang, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, California Lutheran University
Michelle Vargas, Public Relations Specialist

"A Truly Sustainable Renewable Future: The Role of Advanced Biofuels OR What's Moonshine Got to Do with It?"
Joanne Ivancic, Advanced Biofuels USA

"Complexity Science and U.S. Policy Theory and Practice: A Roundtable Discussion of Complexity as the Paradigm Game Changer"
Chair: Michael Givel, PhD, University of Oklahoma
Robert Geyer, PhD, Lancaster University
Liz Johnson, George Washington University and Complex Systems Institute
Lon Jones, D.O., Common Sense Medicine

"High Speed Rail as the Centerpiece of Sustainable Transportation for America"
Chair: Shawn Schulenberg, PhD, Marshall University
Andy Kunz, President & CEO, US High Speed Rail Association

"North Korea's Nuclear Destination and International Security"
Sunny Lee, PhD, Institute for Korea-US Political Development

"Strengthening Sustainability Design Program Design: A Checklist Approach"
Ed Maibach, PhD, George Mason University
Andrew Pyle, George Mason University
Neil Ransom, George Mason University
Ian Stanford, George Mason University
Neil Stenhouse, George Mason University

"Local and Regional Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change: Sharing of Good Practices and Comparative Analysis between the U.S. and Germany"
Grit Martinez, PhD, Duke University / Ecologic Institute 
Tanja Srebotniak, Ecologic Institute
Jeff Allenby, Chesapeake Conservancy

"The Digital University and the Future of Higher Education"
Chair: Daniel Benjamin, Dean - School of Science and Technology, American Public University
Frank McCluskey, PhD, American Public University
Fred Stielow, PhD, American Public University

"Science Diplomacy in Action: Bridging Cultures and Supporting Development"
Chair: Jose De Los Reyes Heredia, PhD, University of Houston
Connie L. McNeely, PhD, George Mason University
Jong-on Hahm, PhD National Science Foundation
Mary Oakes Smith, Iraqi Women's Fellowship Foundation
Vaughan C. Turekian, PhD, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Matt Gerdin, PhD, U.S. Department of State
Linda Staheli, CRDF Global

"How Women in STEM Can Increase Women in STEM"
Chair: Mamta Nagaraja, PhD, Women@NASA Project Manager, NASA
Kamla Modi, PhD, Research Analyst, Girl Scout Research Institute
Lance Bush, PhD, CEO and President, Challenger Center for Science Education
Keren Witkin, PhD, Health Scientist, National Institutes of Health
Terry Woods, PhD, Solid Mechanics Lab Lead, Food and Drug Administration
Morgan OcchuizzoTeacher and Resource Manager, Fairfax County Public Schools

"Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Exciting New Science and Potential Clean Energy"
Chair: David Oppenheimer, TRL9 Fund
David Nagel, PhD, George Washington University
Simon Berkovich, PhD, George Washington University
Charles Garris, PhD, George Washington University
Lev Bernstein, PhD, BLL, Inc.

"Disasters, Infrastructure, Health, and Disparities"
Panel 1 of 2
"Disasters and Health Disparities"
Chair: Arnauld Nicogossian, PhD, CSIMPPGeorge Mason University, and Senior Editor World Medical & Health Policy
JD Polk, PhD, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Dan Hanfling, PhD, INOVA Health System 

Panel 2 of 2
"Infrastructure and Disasters"
Chair: Arnauld Nicogossian, PhD, CSIMPPGeorge Mason University, and Senior Editor World Medical & Health Policy
Richard Diecchio, PhD, George Mason University
Allison Macfarlane, PhD, Chairman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
William Hooke, PhD, Director- Policy Program, American Meteorological Society

"The Future of Sustainability and the Resilience of Food Systems"
S. R. Raftery, Advanced Energy Growing

"Malaria Therapy in the Next 20 Years"
Paul D. Roepe, PhD, Georgetown University

"Build for Success (B4S) - Designed to help technical start-ups and early stage companies bridge the 'Valley of Death'"
Al Rubenstein, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University
Walter Finkelstein, CEO of B4S

"Rethinking Participatory Technology Assessment: Integrating Diverse Perspectives from the Community, Engineering and Sustainability"
Richard Rushforth, Arizona State University
Tomasz Kalinowski, Arizona State University
Rider Foley, Arizona State University

"Elections Over: Whither STEM Innovation"
Michael Simpson, PhD, CSC STEM Council Chair, Fellow and Senior Principal Leader

"Light Village – a Fully Sustainable Energy, Housing and Mobility Design for Off-grid Communities"
John E. Waters, Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute

"Geographic Patterns in Global Warming Understanding and in Willingness to Modify Behavior to Help Reduce Global Warming Impacts"
Jay Searles, American Public University
Daniel Welsch, PhD, American Public University

"Smarter Sustained Growth: How Tax Reform/Shifting Can Spur the U.S. Economy, Jobs, and Cut Pollution"
Rob Wolcott, Get America Workingformer USEPA Deputy Asst. Administrator, Office of Policy
Robert Shapiro, PhD, Sonecon, LLC, former Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs
Roberton Williams, PhD, Resources for the Future

III. Venue: John Wesley Powell Auditorium, evening session, 8:15 pm.

All Dupont Summit attendees are invited to cap the Summit by attending the Philosophical Society of Washington Lecture, sponsored by the PSO.
Speaker: Robin Hanson, PhD, George Mason University
"Whole Brain Emulation: Envisioning Economies and Societies of Emulated Minds"
Held at the John Wesley Powell Auditorium, adjacent to the Cosmos Club, 2170 Florida Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008. Entrance is through the club gate, the first right-hand entrance on Florida Avenue north of the intersection with Massachusetts Avenue NW. The auditorium entrance is to the left of the gate.

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