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Videos of Dupont Summit 2012



Smarter Sustained Growth: How Tax Reform/Shifting Can Spur
the U.S. Economy, Jobs, and Cut Pollution

Chair: Susan Rosenfeld, PhD, FSR Associates
Rob Wolcott, Get America Working, former USEPA Deputy Asst.
Administrator, Office of Policy
Robert Shapiro, PhD, Sonecon, LLC, former Under Secretary of Commerce
for Economic Affairs
Roberton Williams, PhD, Resources for the Future and University of


Advancing Technologies at Life's Beginning and End:
Policy Implications for Women's Health and Wellbeing

Chair: Susan Rosenfeld, PhD, FSR Associates
Lisa Eckenweiler, PhD, George Mason University
Bonnie Stabile, PhD, George Mason University


Disasters, Infrastructure, Health, and Disparities

Panel 1 of 2, "Disasters and Health Disparities"
Chair: Arnauld Nicogossian, PhD, CSIMPP, George Mason University, and
Senior Editor World Medical & Health Policy
JD Polk, PhD, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Dan Hanfling, PhD, INOVA Health System


The Digital University and the Future of Higher Education 

Chair: Daniel Benjamin, PhD, American Public University System
Frank McCluskey, PhD, American Public University System
Fred Stielow, PhD, American Public University System


The Evolving Research Enterprise: The Role of Foundations
and Strategic Funding

Chair: Fred Stielow, PhD, American Public University System
Janet Berkovitz, PhD, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Maryann Feldman, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mark Crowell, Executive Director of U. Va. Innovation, Associate Vice
President for Research, University of Virginia
Elana Koustova, PhD, NIH, National Institute of Drug Abuse
Max Wallace, JD, President and CEO, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure


Geographic Patters in Global Warming Understanding and in Willingness
to Modify Behavior to Help Reduce Global Warming Impacts 

Chair: Michael Horka, Policy Studies Organization
Jay Searles, American Public University
Daniel Welsch, PhD, American Public University


Science Diplomacy in Action: Bridging Cultures and Supporting Development

Chair: Connie L. McNeely, PhD, George Mason University
Jong-on Hahm, PhD National Science Foundation
Mary Oakes Smith, Iraqi Women's Fellowship Foundation
Vaughan C. Turekian, PhD, American Association for the
Advancement of Science
Matt Gerdin, PhD, U.S. Department of State
Linda Staheli, CRDF Global


How Women in STEM Can Increase Women in STEM 

Chair: Mamta Nagaraja, PhD, Women@NASA Project Manager, NASA
Kamla Modi, PhD, Research Analyst, Girl Scout Research Institute
Lance Bush, PhD, CEO and President, Challenger Center for Science Education
Keren Witkin, PhD, Health Scientist, National Institutes of Health
Terry Woods, PhD, Solid Mechanics Lab Lead, Food and Drug Administration
Morgan Occhuizzo, Teacher and Resource Manager, Fairfax County Public


High Speed Rail as the Centerpiece of Sustainable Transportation for America 

Chair: Shawn Schulenberg, PhD, Marshall University
Andy Kunz, President & CEO, US High Speed Rail Association


Technology, Innovation, Education, and Policy

Chair: Fred Stielow, PhD, American Public University System
Daniel Benjamin, Dean - School of Science and Technology, American Public University
Daniel Welsch, PhD, American Public University