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Dupont Summit 2015 Program

The 8th Annual Dupont Summit 2015 on Science, 
Technology, and Environmental Policy
Friday, December 4, The Historic Whittemore House, Washington DC

The purpose of the Dupont Summit is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about pressing issues related to science, technology and the environment. The conference mirrors the interest of the PSO and its partners in promoting conversation about current policy concerns.
The schedule of the day below is subject to change. Abstracts will be uploaded on a rolling basis. 
2:00pm - 3:20pm
George Washington University Debate & Literary Society in partnership with the NASA Astrobiology Program as part of the PSO's Westminster Debate Series
Organizer: Paul Hayes: George Washington University & NASA Astrobiology Debates
*program subject to change
TRACK 2: 1870S ROOM 
9:30am - 10:50am
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
The Urgent Need for a Social Science Upgrade to Presidential Advice:
Institutional Fortresses, Trojan Horses, Cosmology Episodes, and Resilience Processes
James Douglas Orton, Loyola University Maryland
Flyjberg's Phronetic Social Science in the Context of National Intelligence
Kent Myers, Leidos Inc.
Systems Literacy for Policy Makers: The Case of Socio-Ecological Systems
Peter Tuddenham, International Society for the Systems Sciences
Group Facilitation Methods to Aid Community Development Globally
Stuart Umpleby, The George Washington University
Hidden Dynamics of Flourishing Systems
Govind Shah, University City Science Center, Philadelphia
11:00am - 12:20am
Chair and Panelist: Francis X. Shen, University of Minnesotta 
Marom Bikson, City College of New York & New York Center for Biomedical Engineering
James Giordano, Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics & Georgetown University
12:30pm - 1:50pm
Organizer: Connie L. McNeely, George Mason University
Moderator: Jong-on Hahm., George Washington University
STEM Diplomacy: A Win-Win Approach to Building a Robust STEM Capacity
Ana M. Ferreras, National Academy of Sciences 
Collective Action and Paternalism in International Trade Negotiations
J.P. Singh, George Mason University
Collaboration, Analytics, and STEM Diplomacy:
Prospects and Barriers in the International Health Domain
Erik W. Kuiler, George Mason University 
Gender and Scientific Cooperation for International Diplomacy
Lisa Frehill, Energetics Technology Centre and National Science Foundation
Katie Seely-Gant, Energetics Technology Centre
2:00pm - 3:20pm
OrganizerKatie Seely-Gant, Energetics Technology Centre
Erik Kuiler, George Mason University
Lisa M. Frehill, National Science Foundation
Ester Sztein, The National Academy of Sciences
Rebecca Kruse, National Science Foundation
3:30pm - 4:50pm
Chair and Panelist: Michael Paolisso, University of Maryland
Grit Martinez, Ecologic Institute
Shirley Fiske, University of Maryland
Katherine Johnson, University of Maryland
Elizabeth Van Dolah, University of Maryland
Kathleen Clendaniel, Independent Consultant

Session 1A: 5:00pm - 5:30pm
Budding Scholars Conference on Policy and Complex Systems
Organizer: Liz Johnson, Journal on Policy and Complex Systems
Martha Bicket, Policy Studies Institute
Session 1B: 5:30pm - 6:00pm
Feedback and Complexity in SBIR Funding Processes
Katie Seely-Grant, Energetics Technology Center
Will Farrell, Energetics Technology Center
Session 1C: 6:00pm - 6:30pm
Kaley Beins, Fulbright Student Research Fellow
Session 1D: 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Duoduo Liao, George Washington University
Simon Berkovich, George Washington University
9:30am - 10:50am
Moderator & Participant: Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University
Shakir Jawad, Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine
Adel Sidely, Council for Iraqi American Relations & Arc-P Consult LLC
11:00am - 12:20am
Moderator & Participant: Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University
Yerkin Akhinzhanov, Embassy of Kazakhstan
Olzhas Nurgaliyev, Embassy of Kazakhstan
12:30pm - 1:50pm
Chair: Rahima Schwenkbeck
Lee Webster, National Home Funeral Alliance & Green Burial Council
Matt Alcide, Green Burial Council
Ed Bixby, Green Burial Council
2:00pm - 3:20pm
Chair: Marcela Gaitán, National Alliance for Hispanic Health
Adolph P. Falcón, National Alliance for Hispanic Health
Emorcia Hill, Independent Evaluation Consultant
Oscar Gonzalez, Verizon Telecom
3:30pm - 4:50pm
Chair: Rahima Schwenkbeck
Progress in the Making: 3D Printing Policy Considerations through the Library Lens
Charles Wapner, American Library Association
The Business of 3D Printing
Gadsden Merrill, TechShop DC-Arlington
Session 2A: 5:00pm - 5:30pm
Budding Scholars Conference on Policy and Complex Systems
Organizer: Liz Johnson, Journal on Policy and Complex Systems
Session 2B: 5:30pm - 6:00pm
Vera Solovyeva, George Mason University
Session 2C: 6:00pm - 6:30pm
9:30am - 10:50am
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
Robert Gordon, American Public University
Andrew Colarik, Massey University
Kandis Boyd Wyatt, American Public University

11:00am - 12:20am
Chair: Daniel Tapia, GC Genera
Michael Simpson, Office of Naval Research
Larry Schuette, Office of Naval Research
Chris Fall, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

12:30pm - 1:50pm
Chair: Shawn Schulenberg, Marshall University
The State of Global Fresh Water: Why I Am Cautiously Pessimistic
Charles J. VörösmartyCity University of NY: Environmental CrossRoads Initiative
Water Reuse: A Sustainable Solution
Julie Minton, WateReuse

2:00pm - 2:35pm* (individual speaker session)
Chair: Daniel Tapia, GC Genera
John Harlow, Arizona State University
9:30am - 10:50am
Chair: Guillermo De Los Reyes, University of Houston
Unlocking the Potential for Smallholder Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
Meredith A. Giordano, International Water Management Institute
Irrigation, Gender and Nutrition Linkages:
Tapping Irrigation’s Potential for Women’s Empowerment
Simone Passarelli, International Food Policy Research Institute
Building Institutions for Groundwater Governance in Andhra Pradesh, India
Marco A. Janssen, Arizona State University
Assessing Models of Public-Private Partnerships for Irrigation Development in Africa
Claudia Ringler,  International Food Policy Research Institute
11:00am - 12:20am
Chair: Guillermo De Los Reyes, University of Houston
Urban Farming: An Alternative Solution to Reclaim Vacant Property
David Grosso, At-Large Councilmember, Washington, D.C.
Farming: An Alternative Solution to Reclaim Vacant Property
Lillie RosenDC Greens
Pamela Hess, Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture
12:30pm - 1:50pm
Organizer: Virginia Sullivan, Adventure Cycling Association
John Bolecek, Virginia DOT
David Patton, Arlington County DES / DOT
Darren Flusche, Toole Design GroupTo
2:00pm - 3:20pm
Human Trafficking and Technology
Chair: Cheryl Walker, Policy Studies Organization
Linda Hammond-Deckard, Office of Justice Progarms, DoJ
Cindy Southworth, National Network to End Domestic Violence
Erica L. Smith, Bureau of Justice, US DoJ
TRACK 6: BLAIR ROOM (Individual Sessions)
9:30am - 10:05am
Emerging Trends in Digital Publishing
Chair: Frankie Hockenbrocht, Policy Studies Organization
Phil Ice,  American Public University
10:15am - 10:50am
Chair: Frankie Hockenbrocht, Policy Studies Organization
Hans Mumm,  American Public University
*Author will be available for a book signing: first 40 participants will receive a free copy of Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration.
11:00am - 11:35am
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
Eric Plutzer, The Pennsylvania State University

11:45am - 12:20am 
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
Irene Wu,  Federal Communications Commission: International Bureau
*Author will be available for a book signing.
12:30pm - 1:05pm
1:15pm - 1:50pm
Chair: Daniel Tapia, GC Genera
So Young Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Seolmin Yang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

2:00pm - 2:35pm
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
Martin J. Dudziak, EXO Capital Fund & The Exoplanetary Corporation
2:45pm - 3:20pm
Chair: David Merchant, Universidad IberoAmericana-Mexico City
Frank T. Princiotta, US Environmental Protection Agency: Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division

3:30pm - 4:05pm
Chair: Guillermo De Los Reyes, University of Houston
James Kadtke, National Defense University

4:15pm - 4:50pm
Chair: Guillermo De Los Reyes, University of Houston
Sunny Lee, Institute for Korea-U.S. Political Development

as part of a Lecture Series of the Philosophical Society of Washington
Sir Michael Marmot, FRCP. UCL Institute of Health Equity, UCL Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCL, London, UK
*The John Wesley Powell Auditorium is adjacent to the Cosmos Club, 2170 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC, 20008. It's a 10 minute walk from the Whittemore House. Entrance is through the Cosmos Club gate, which is the first right-hand entrance on Florida Avenue, north of the intersection with Massachusetts Avenue. The entrance to the Auditorium itself is to the left of the gate.
Assertions and opinions in these presentations are solely those of the above-mentioned author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Policy Studies Organization, which expressly does not take positions on policies.