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Dupont Summit 2017 Videos

Dupont Summit 2017 on Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Issues
Friday December 1st at the Historic Whittemore House
1526 New Hampshire Ave, NW, Washington DC
Addressing the Rural Broadband Gap in America: Causes, Impacts, and Ongoing Efforts
Chris McGovern, Connected Nation, Inc.
Escalation and Deterrence in the Second Space Age
Thomas G. Roberts and Kaitlyn Johnson, Aerospace Security Project, CSIS
Is There a Looming Electricity Crisis? A Debate on the U.S. Department of Energy Grid Resilience Proposal
Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen's Energy Program
Matt Wald, Nuclear Energy Institute
Driverless Cars: Impacting the Societal Norm
Moderator: Brian Muys, American Public University System
Kandis Boyd Wyatt, American Public University System
Wanda Curlee, American Public University System
Leveraging Digital Learning Assets and Virtual Lab Spaces to Bridge the Gaps in STEM Education
Moderator: Brian Muys, American Public University System
Jim Brinson, American Public University System
Danny Welsch, American Public University System
Ken Williams, American Public University System
Tim Boileau, University of West Florida
Medical Marijuana - Miracle or Madness?
Michael Correia, The National Cannabis Industry Association
Gail Rand, ForwardGro
David T. Mangone, Esq., Americans for Safe Access
Sue Sisley, Scottsdale Research Institute
Open Science: Epistemic, Ethical, and Practical Issues
Organizer: Connie L. McNeely, George Mason University
Moderator: Ester Sztein, National Academy of Sciences
Open Science: Concepts, Frameworks, and Perspectives
Erik W. Kuiler, George Mason University
The Implications of Open Science on Data Privacy and National Security
Heng Xu, Pennsylvania State University
Practicalities in Supporting Open Science: The Role of University Libraries
Wendy Mann, George Mason University
An Open Mind on Open Science
Feras A. Batarseh, George Mason University