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Poverty & Public Policy

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Online ISSN: 1944-2858
Poverty & Public Policy is a new global journal that will address all the complex aspects of poverty, income distribution, and welfare programs around the world. The journal will be eclectic, publishing peer-reviewed empirical studies, peer-reviewed theoretical essays on approaches to poverty and social welfare, book reviews, and data sets from scholars and practitioners, including those in less developed nations.

Max J. Skidmore, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Managing Editor:
Dan Stroud, University of Misouri at Kansas City


Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy

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Online ISSN: 1944-4079

Risk, Hazards and Crisis are our daily companions in these times. This much needed new journal will cover, among other issues, crisis prediction, preparation, mitigation, response and recovery. It will probe questions of physical, economic, health and environmental security. The problems are well known; it is time there were some solutions.

Sanneke Kuipers, Leiden University
Editorial Board:
Daniel Aldrich, Northeastern University
Christopher Ansell, University of California - Berkeley
Erik Baekkeskov, University of Melbourne

Thomas Birkland, North Carolina State University
Arjen Boin, Leiden University
Raphael Bossong,  Stiftung Wissenschaft and Politik, Berlin
Andreas Duit,  Stockholm University

Warren Eller, West Virginia University
Brian Gerber, Arizona State University
George Haddow, Bullock and Haddow LLC, George Washington University
Liesbet Heyse, Groningen University
Ann Keller,  University of California – Berkeley

John Kiefer, University of New Orleans
Martin Lodge,  London School of Economics
Allan McConnell,  University of Sydney

Daniel Nohrstedt, Uppsala University
Robert O’Connor, National Science Foundation
Barbara Quiram, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Sandra Resodihardjo, Radboud University
Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech
Scott Robinson,  University of Oklahoma
Alka Sapat, Florida Atlantic University
Carol Silva, University of Oklahoma

Alastair Stark, University of Queensland
Deborah Thomas, University of Colorado - Denver
Marjolein van Asselt, Maastricht University and Dutch Safety Board

Gary Webb, University of North Texas

Review of Policy Research

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Impact Factor: 1.562
ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 17/47 (Public Administration); 56/165 (Political Science)
Online ISSN: 1541-1338
Review of Policy Research (RPR) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of research and analysis examining the politics and policy of science and technology. These may include issues of science policy, environment, resource management, information networks, cultural industries, biotechnology, security and surveillance, privacy, globalization, education, research and innovation, development, intellectual property, health and demographics. The journal encompasses research and analysis on politics and the outcomes and consequences of policy change in domestic and comparative contexts.
The audience for RPR comprises members of the academic community, as well as members of the policy community, including government officials, NGOs and advocacy groups, research institutes and policy analysts.
RPR is affiliated to the Science,Technology and Environmental Politics (STEP) organized section of the APSA.
Auld Graeme, Carleton University

Policy Studies Yearbook

policy studies yearbook
The annual Policy Studies Yearbook is an international listing of policy scholars with contact information, fields of specialization, research references, and a short statement of research interests. This provides an accessible reference to who is studying what, where, and how in the field of public policy.  Inclusion in the Yearbook is open to all scholars who do research in public policy. The content includes a set of short review articles, focusing on summarizing the most recent scholarship in specific policy subfields. These articles were written by advanced graduate students (past the comprehensive exam stage) from leading graduate schools. The articles are focused on the policy subfields listed in the Yearbook, and the referenced scholars and articles will all be featured in the listings within the Yearbook to facilitate access to current policy research.

Hank C. Jenkins-Smith
Julie Krutz
Nina Carlson
Chris Weible

Politics & Policy

Online ISSN: 1747-1346
Politics & Policy (P&P) is a peer-reviewed journal for scholars in public policy, political science, and comparative and international studies. Established in 1973, it seeks to bring together manuscripts offering quality original research that makes a strong theoretical or empirical contribution to existing comparative policy literature, or to policy studies and political science more generally via the use of comparative methods. These include, but are not restricted to: trans-border, cross-national or wider international research focusing on comparative policy and/or politics; comparative studies in development, democratization, democracy, participation, voting behavior, electoral politics and policy, and security strategy; international relations and comparative foreign policy; analyses of the theory, values, and/or public/political support influencing policy trends, adoption, contestation, or change; policy framing; the challenges, and opportunities facing policy networks; comparative policy design and misdesign. The editors are committed to rigorous international standards of peer reviewing, timely responses to submissions, and the promotion of the best new research and professional debate available.
Politics & Policy is published on behalf of the Policy Studies Organization and the following organizations:
Alabama Political Science Association
British Columbia Political Studies Association
Georgia Political Science Association
Great Plains Political Science Association
Louisiana Political Science Association
Mississippi Political Science Association
New York State Political Science Association
North Carolina Political Science Association
Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists
The Roosevelt Institution
David Mena, Universidad IberoAmericana, Mexico City

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