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The Policy Studies Organization co-sponsors awards with the American Political Science Association and supports, through its active individual members in many places, the activities of four honorary Greek societies: Phi Beta Delta, Pi Alpha Alpha, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Phi Sigma Omega. Each of these societies has its own historic focus: Phi Beta Delta with international issues, Pi Alpha Alpha with public administration, Pi Sigma Alpha with political science, and Phi Sigma Omega with discrete issues. All are headquartered in Washington and Phi Beta Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha and Phi Sigma Omega use from time to time the same historic New Hampshire Avenue headquarters. Collectively they are represented on about 900 university campuses and have perhaps 100,000 members.

The Policy Studies Organization established and raises funds for three endowments which are held in permanent trust by the American, Midwest, and Southern Political Science Associations. The Seymour Martin Lipset Fund is for the Library and Centennial Center at APSA headquarters, the Walter Beach Endowment brings foreign scholars to the Southern meetings, and the Harrell Rodgers Endowment enables graduate students to attend Midwest meetings. Gifts can be sent at any time to the three associations earmarked for these funds, as permanent endowment to help people down through the years. They are fully tax exempt. If you have questions about giving through charitable annuities, remainder trusts or other devices, offering attractive tax benefits, contact the PSO President, Dr. Paul Rich.