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Aaron Wildavsky Award

The Aaron Wildavsky Award is for a book or article published in the last ten to twenty years that continues to influence the study of public policy. 


Award Winners

2006 Charles E. Lindblom, Yale University Institute Politics and Markets: The World's Political Economic Systems(Basic Books, 1977)
2005 Gosta Epsing-Anderson, European University Institute The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism(Princeton University Press, 1990)
2004 James G. March
Stanford University
Johan P. Olsen
ARENA, University of Oslo
Rediscovering Institutions: The Organizational Basis of Politics(The Free Press, 1989)
2003 Martha Derthick
University of Virginia
Paul J. Quirk
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Politics of Deregulation(Brookings Institution, 1985)
2002 Deborah Stone
Dartmouth College
Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision-Making(W.W. Norton, 1988)
2001 Frank Baumgartner
Penn State University
Bryan D. Jones
University of Washington
Agendas and Instability in American Politcs(University of Chicago Press, 1993)
2000 Elinor Ostrom
Indiana University
Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action(Cambridge University Press, 1990)
1999 Michael Lipsky
Ford Foundation
Street-Level Bureaucracy(Russell Sage, 1980)
1998 Roger W. Cobb
Brown University
Charles D. Elder
Wayne State University
Participation in American Politics: The Dynamics of Agenda Building(Johns Hopkins University Press, 1983)
1997 Daniel Mazmanian
University of Michigan
Paul Sabatier
University of California, Davis
Implementation and Public Policy (University Press of America)
1996 James Q. Wilson
University of California Los Angeles
The Politics of Regulation (Basic Books, 1980)
1994 John W. Kingdon
University of Michigan
Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policy
1989 David T. Ellwood
Harvard University
Poor Support(Basic Books)