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Harold D. Lasswell Prize

The Harold D. Lasswell prize is awarded annually by the American Political Science Association for the best dissertation in the field of public policy. It is co-sponsored by the Policy Studies Organization and the APSA Public Policy Section.  The award carries a prize of $1,000. Dissertations must have been completed in the previous calendar year.   Applicants should send one copy of their dissertations to each of the committee members. The applications must include a letter of support provided by the Graduate Director of the program in which the candidate produced the dissertation.

Award Winners

For the best doctoral dissertation completed and accepted during that year or the previous year in the field of policy studies. Supported by the Policy Studies Organization and the APSA Organized Section on Policy Studies.

Year Author Dissertation Submitted by
1985 Bruce W. Jentleson Pipeline Politics: The Alliance and Domestic Politics of American Economic Coercion Against the Soviet Union Cornell University
1986 H. Jeffrey Leonard Pollution, Industrial Development, and the Comparative Advantage Princeton University
1987 James D. Savage Balanced Budgets and American Politics University of California, Berkeley
1988 No award given
1989 Carol Hager Technological Democracy: Bureaucracy and Citizenry in the West German Energy Debate University of California, San Diego
John Mark Hansen Creating a New Politics: The Evolution of an Agricultural Policy Network in Congress, 1919-1980 Yale University
1990 Daniel J. Wirls Defense as Domestic Politics: National Security Policy and Political Power in the 1980s Cornell University
1991 Christopher McGrory Klyza Patterns in Public Lands Policy: The Consequences of Ideas and the State University of Minnesota
1992 Yu-Shan Wu Leninist States and Property Rights: Economic Reform in the PRC University of California, Berkeley
1993 Scott Sigmund Gartner Strategic Assessment in War: A Bounded Rationality Model of How Organizations Evaluate Policy Effectiveness University of Michigan
Mark C. Rom The Thrift Tragedy: Are Politicians and Regulators to Blame? University of Wisconsin, Madison
1994 Steven Kent Vogel The Politics of Regulatory Reform in the Advanced Industrial Countries University of California, Berkeley
1995 John M. Carey Term Limits and Legislative Representation University of California, San Diego
1996 Robert David English Russia Views the West: The Intellectual and Political Origins of New Thinking Princeton University
1997 Nancy B. Shulock Interpretive Theory of Policy Analysis University of California, Davis
1998 Daniel P. Carpenter Corporate Identity and Administrative Capacity in Executive Departments University of Chicago
1999 Adria Gallup-Black Federalism, Policy Innovation, and Welfare Reform in the American States Columbia University
2000 Michael Harrington Trade and Social Insurance: The Development of National Unemployment Insurance in Advanced Industrial Democracies Harvard University
2001 Jacob Hacker Boundary Wars: The Political Struggle over Public and Private Social Benefits in the United States Yale University
2002 David H. Bradley The Political Economy of Employment Performance: Testing the Deregulation Thesis University of North Carolina
2003 Kristin Anne Goss Disarmed: The Real American Gun Control Paradox Harvard University
2004 Suzanne Christine Nielsen Preparing for War: The Dynamics of Peacetime Military Reform Harvard University
2005 Thad Williamson Sprawl, Justice, and Citizenship: A Philosophical and Empirical Inquiry Harvard University
2005 Esther N. Mwangi Institutional Change and Politics: The Transformation of Property Rights in Kenya's Maasailand International Food Policy Research Institute
2006 Jonathan Ari Laurence Managing Transnational Religion: Muslims and the State in Western Europe (1974-2004)