About the Proceedings of the PSO

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The Proceedings appear various times a year as an adjunct to all of the PSO journals and are among the most widely distributed sources in the policy world. All Proceedings are permanently available online at bitly.com/psoproceedings.


Featured syllabi are sent to us per our open invitation to share them in our websites. We will continue to publish more in future Proceedings. As we hope these documents will be of use to the teaching of policy studies and curriculum development, we would like to encourage professors to send us their material for consideration. Contributions can be sent to Daniel Gutierrez at dgutierrezs@ipsonet.org






Karen McCurdy 

Southern Political Science Association




Mark Vail

Tulane University




Catherine E. Rudder

George Mason University




David Oppenheimer

Prime Oppenheimer




Charles Doran

School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University




Kingsley Haynes

George Mason University




Angela Matysiak

Policy Studies Organization




Carol Weissert

Florida State University




William Morgan

Midwest Political Science Association




Norman A. Bailey

Norman A. Bailey Inc.




Edward Khiwa

Langston University




Mark B. Ryan

Wisdom University




Guillermo Izabal

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP