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Environmental Policy and Administration


Michael Kraft, University of Wisconsin-¬≠‚ÄźGreen Bay


PDF – Environmental Policy and Administration syllabus


The Politics of Poverty and Welfare


Lawrence Mead, New York University


PDF – The Politics of Poverty and Welfare syllabus


Program Evaluation, Research, Methodology and Policy Analysis: Accounting, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and International Relations, and Human Resource Management

Community Development Seminar


Pierre Clavel, Cornell University


PDF – Community Development Seminar syllabus


Nuclear Weapons and World Order


Daniel Deudney, Johns Hopkins University


PDF – Nuclear Weapons and World Order syllabus


Introduction to Public Administration


Paul Manna, College of William and Mary


PDF – Introduction to Public Administration syllabus


Comparative Healthcare Systems: Policy Challenges and Economic Perspectives


Pauline Rosenau, University of Texas-Houston


PDF – Comparative Healthcare Systems syllabus