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Lexington Book Series

The Policy Studies Organization, in cooperation with Lexington, a part of Rowland and Littlefield, publish the following series:

Studies on Public Policy

Government in the new millennium demands creative new approaches to managing change. Faced with the impact of globalization, technological revolution, and political reform, what can be done to encourage economic growth, develop more effective public administration at home, and forge strong and lasting relationships abroad?

Lexington Books and the Policy Studies Organization's Studies in Public Policy series brings together the best in new and original scholarship, spanning the range of global policy questions. Its multidisciplinary texts combine penetrating analysis of policy formulation at the macro level with innovative and practical solutions for policy implementation. It provides the political and social scientist with the latest academic research and the policymaker with effective tools to tackle the most pressing issues faced by government today.

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Middle East Classics

This series will provide a forum for understanding the current American occupation of Iraq through the lens of the British occupation of Iraq following the break up of the Ottoman Empire.

That overused saying about how those who are ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it, is redeemed by events in the modern Middle East. Going back in time is mandatory in understanding the region's current problems. Part of the present problem is a failure to understand what happened before American incursions. Lawrence of Arabia was not the only romantic whose prejudices and passions produced boundaries and dilemmas that today defy policy makers, as the remarkable books in this series demonstrate. 

Selected, edited and introduced by Professor Paul Rich, they illustrate how the results of a now forgotten era is still felt -- knots tied on the tapestry by the collision of the British and Ottoman Empires, the aspirations of the Viceroys of India, the confusions at the Versailles peace conference, and even the ritualisms of Masonic lodges and English public schools. Seldom has the long arm of a very peculiar history reached out so far. The lasting effects are little understood in the complex confrontations today in Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf.

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Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development

In an attempt to reflect the rapidly changing political environment of the People's Republic of China, editor Sujian Guo has assembled a book series to present specialized areas of research in current Chinese political studies. Incorporating theoretical, empirical, and policy research on contemporary Chinese politics both domestically and internationally, this series contemplates the Chinese past, present, and future by utilizing interdisciplinary perspectives to approach issues related to Chinese politics, economy, culture, social development, reform, the military, legal system, and foreign relations. Edited by Professor Sujian Gue, this series aims at bringing a greater understanding of the current Chinese political climate to Western audiences, Lexington Books and the Policy Studies Organization's Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development series is focused on the emerging voices of Chinese scholars and their perspectives on the ever changing Chinese diaspora.

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