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Politics & Policy

Online ISSN: 1747-1346
Politics & Policy (P&P) is a peer-reviewed journal for scholars in public policy, political science, and comparative and international studies. Established in 1973, it seeks to bring together manuscripts offering quality original research that makes a strong theoretical or empirical contribution to existing comparative policy literature, or to policy studies and political science more generally via the use of comparative methods. These include, but are not restricted to: trans-border, cross-national or wider international research focusing on comparative policy and/or politics; comparative studies in development, democratization, democracy, participation, voting behavior, electoral politics and policy, and security strategy; international relations and comparative foreign policy; analyses of the theory, values, and/or public/political support influencing policy trends, adoption, contestation, or change; policy framing; the challenges, and opportunities facing policy networks; comparative policy design and misdesign. The editors are committed to rigorous international standards of peer reviewing, timely responses to submissions, and the promotion of the best new research and professional debate available.
Politics & Policy is published on behalf of the Policy Studies Organization and the following organizations:
Alabama Political Science Association
British Columbia Political Studies Association
Georgia Political Science Association
Great Plains Political Science Association
Louisiana Political Science Association
Mississippi Political Science Association
New York State Political Science Association
North Carolina Political Science Association
Ohio Association of Economists and Political Scientists
The Roosevelt Institution
David Mena, Universidad IberoAmericana, Mexico City