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EPA, Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2015

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Table of Contents
Editorial Introduction to the First Issue of European Policy Analysis [EPA] [2]
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.1
Enhancing gender equity through evidence-based policymaking? Theorizing and tracing the use of systematic knowledge in family and tax policy reforms* [3]
Joachim Blatter, Clara Bombach, Roman Wiprächtiger
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.2
Special Issue on “The governance of welfare markets” Introduction to the special issue: The governance of welfare markets – trends and challenges [35]
Tanja Klenk
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.3
Restructuring the Mixed Economy of Welfare: Three Modes of Privatization [41]
Neil Gilbert
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.4
The Privatization and Marketization of Pensions in Europe: A Double Transformation Facing the Crisis [56]
Bernhard Ebbinghaus
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.5
Portability of Supplementary Pension Rights in Europe: A Lowest Common Denominator Solution [74]
Igor Guardiancich
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.6
The Developing Trajectory of the Marketization of Public Employment Services in Denmark – A New Way Forward or the End of Marketization? [92]
Karen N. Breidahl, Flemming Larsen
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.7
The governance of hospital markets – Comparing two Bismarckian countries [108]
Tanja Klenk, Renate Reiter
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.8
Bending the Rules to Play the Game: Accountability, DRG and Waiting List Scandals in Norway and Germany [127]
Simon Neby, Per Lægreid, Paola Mattei, Therese Feiler
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.9
Change agents and service providers? User organizations in the German healthcare system [149]
Benjamin Ewert
doi: 10.18278/epa.1.1.10