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AIA, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2016

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Table of Contents

Editorial: Perspectives and Remix
J.P. Singh
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.1
The Playwright's Purpose
Motti Lerner
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.2
Political Contestation, Israeli Identities, and the Arts
Renee Marlin-Bennett
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.3
Reading Cookbooks: Israeli Food and the International Relations of the Every Day
Ilan Zvi Baron
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.4
A Subaltern Performance: Circulations of Gender, Island and Nation in India's Song of Defiance
J.P. Singh
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.5
Reflection of the Cultural Policy in HIman Rights Issues in Taiwan and the Response of the Art World
Chieh-Hsiang Wu
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.6
Who Holds in the Power in Soft Power?
Melissa Nisbett
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.7
Global Cultural Law in the Internet: A Tale of Parrallel Worlds
Mira Burri
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.8
Cultural Diplomacy Practices In a Small Island State: A Case Study On Malta
Karsten Xuereb
doi: 10.18278/aia.1.1.9