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AIA, Vol. 2, No. 1, Winter 2017

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Table of Contents

Editorial: Permforming Culture 
J.P. Singh
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.1
Colonial Wars and Aesthetic Reworking: The Artist as Moral Witness 
Frank Möller 
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.2
Remember Me
Sorcha Carey
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.3
Curating Public Art 2.0: The Case of Autopoiseis
Btihaj Ajana
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.4
The Cultural Implications of Performance
Christine Adams
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.5
Cultural Strati cation and Cultural Policies: Perspectives of Cultural Globalism, The Case of Croatia 
Nada Švob-Đokić 
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.6
The Museum as a Transnational Actor
Patricia M. Goff
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.7
Creating Museums: An Interview
Abbie Chessler and J.P. Singh
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.8
The Destruction of Memory
Tim Slade
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.1.9