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AIA Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines
Arts and International Affairs interrogates the nexus between the arts, politics and markets through a global perspective. Situated within an international context, the arts encompass the performing, creative and visual industries that envelope the modes of expression in the global political economy. AIA’s interdisciplinary style is imperative to capturing the intersections between people, their creations, their services and institutions. Artistic works often transcend borders and provoke local, national and transnational engagement.
We seek all kinds of submissions that look at any regions and art forms. AIA’s coverage of the arts does not preclude any particular form, but also actively encourages non-Eurocentric preoccupations.
A peer-reviewed open access academic journal on an online platform, AIA engages these issues through textual articles and a multimedia section. AIA will be cited in the leading global reference database provider EBSCO, available in over 70 countries. We welcome any of the following three types of submissions:
1. Long Form Scholarly Articles
The journal requests articles demonstrating the international implications the arts and international affairs have on one another. Long-form scholarly articles typically run 8,000 to 10,000 words and emphasize robust interdisciplinary scholarship. AIA’s online platform allows multimedia works to be embedded within the article. Such items include film and video, photography and audio files.
All scholarly articles are peer reviewed.
2. Multimedia
Works accepted for the multimedia section include film and video, photography, audio files and interactive web-based displays and installations. This list is not exclusive and contributors are encouraged to submit other media if the work speaks to the journal’s vision and breadth of coverage. Multimedia works are peer-reviewed but only for suggestions to accept or reject the submission. Reviewers can also provide non-binding suggestions, but the editorial staff makes the ultimate determination. If a submission is accepted, contributors will also need to supply a short thematic provocation to introduce the work. The text should be [no more than 200 words]. AIA will work with the contributor to ensure optimal display on the website’s platform. This process includes selecting a screencap for the article’s homepage entry.
3. Brushstrokes
The “Brushstrokes” section contains shorter essays in the 1,200 to 1,500-word range. “Brushstrokes” submissions usually address the international implications of current topics, though we are open to other types of content (for example, reflections on an art form or its history). Written in an op-ed style, these articles are subject to internal review only.
Potential contributors are encouraged to visit AIA’s website. Please direct submissions and inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please send two versions of the article, one anonymized and the other with the author's information. Submissions must be emailed in a Microsoft word document. All articles must include a 150-200 word abstract. Do not include images or multimedia without prior ownership or permission from the copyright holder. Images and multimedia available on digital commons may be included.