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EPA, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2016

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Table of Contents
Editorial Introduction to the Second Issue of European Policy Analysis [EPA] [3]
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.1
Refugees and Migration in Europe [7]
Klaus von Beyme, University of Bielefeld, Germany
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.2
Immigrants, ISIS, the Refugee Crisis, and Integration in Europe [14]
Randall Hansen, University of Toronto, Canada
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.3
Two Levels, Two Strategies: Explaining the Gap Between Swiss National and International Responses Toward Climate Change [20]
Karin Ingold, University of Bern, Switzerland
Géraldine Pflieger, University of Geneva, Switzerland
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.4
Second Tier, Second Thoughts—Why it Turns out to be so Difficult for EIOPA to Create a Single Market for Private Pensions [39]
Frieder Wolf, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Georg Wenzelburger, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.5
Policy and Decision to Retire in Central and Eastern European Countries [67]
Daiva Skučiene, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania
Julija Moskvina, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.6
Decision Trees and Random Forests: Machine Learning Techniques to Classify Rare Events [98]
Simon Hegelich, Technical University of Munich, Germany
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.7
Special Focus: The Role of Theory in Policy Analysis
The Role of Theories in Policy Studies and Policy Work: Selective Affinities between Representation and Performation? [121]
Robert Hoppe, University of Twente and Hal Colebatch, Wales
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.8
Knowing the Future: Theories of Time in Policy Analysis [150]
Holger Strassheim, Humboldt University, Germany
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.9
Integrative Political Strategies—Conceptualizing and Analyzing a New Type of Policy
Field [168]
Basil Bornemann, Bernoullistrasse, Switzerland
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.10
Juggling Multiple Networks in Multiple Streams [196]
Evelyne de Leeuw, UNSW Australia Research Centre for Primary Health Care & Equity, Australia
Marjan Hoeijmakers, Gezondheid in Beweging, The Netherlands
Dorothee T.J.M. Peters, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.13
Why You Should Read My Book
The European Public Servant: A Shared Administrative Identity? eds. Fritz Sager and Patrick Overeem [218]
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.11
Decision Making under Ambiguity and Time Constraints. Assessing the Multiple-Streams Framework eds. Reimut Zohlnhöfer and Friedbert W. Rüb [218]
doi: 10.18278/epa.2.1.12