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GSIS Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2016

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Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2016
Table of Contents
Editorial Welcome
Yoav Gortzak & Patricia J. Campbell
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.1

Academic Intelligence Programs in the United States: Exploring the Training and Tradecraft Debate
Michael Landon-Murray & Stephen Coulthart
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.2
Anonymous Versus ISIS: The Role of Non-state Actors in Self-defense
Andrew Colarik & Rhys Ball
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.3
Calculation of Goodwill: Humanitarianism, Strategic Interests, and the U.S. Response to Typhoon Yolanda
Chris J. Dolan & Alynna J. Lyon
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.4
An Assessment of Lone Wolves Using Explosive-Laden Consumer Drones in the United States
Matthew Hughes & James Hess
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.5
Is China Playing a Contradictory Role in Africa? Security Implications of its Arms Sales and Peacekeeping
Earl Conteh-Morgan & Patti Weeks
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.6

Book Reviews

Review of On Intelligence: The History of Espionage and the Secret World
Adeyinka Makinde
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.7
Review of Confronting Al Qaeda: The Sunni Awakening and American Strategy in Al Anbar
James Hess
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.8
Review of The Spy's Son: The True Story of the Highest Ranking CIA Officer Ever Convicted of Espionage and the Son he Trained to Spy for Russia
Rhys Ball
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.9
Review of The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal
Robert Smith
doi: 10.18278/gsis.2.1.10