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IJC Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2014

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Table of Contents
The Global Criminality Age
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.1
The Long Arm of Crime and Financial Crisis
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.2
The Behavioral Intelligence Paradigm Shift in Fighting Cyber-Crime: Counter-Measures, Innovation, and Regulation Issues
Phillipe Baumard
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.3
Criminal State and Illicit Economy: a Game Changer for the Twenty-First Century: Crime, Illicit Trades, Economy, and State
Mickaël Roudaut
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.4
The Impact of Victimological Theories on the Rights of Crime Victims in France
Robert Cario
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.5
States of Change: Power and Counterpower Expressions in Latin America’s Criminal Insurgencies
John P. Sullivan
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.6
The “Criminal Gang,” a French Ectoplasm?
François Haut
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.7
Crime and Business
Eric Delbecque
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.2.8