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IJC Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2015

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Table of Contents
Restorative Justice in the Penal Reform in France: New Rights for the Victims and Perpetrators of Criminal Offenses
Benjamin Sayous & Robert Cario
doi: 10.18278/ijc.3.1.1

Terrorism and Criminal Law
Frédéric Debove
doi: 10.18278/ijc.3.1.2

From "Arab Spring" to Jihadist Ice Age: Approaches to the "Complex East"
Christian Vallar
doi: 10.18278/ijc.3.1.3

What recent property crime trends in Western Europe tells us about the crime drops
Cyril Rizk & Inès Bettaïeb
doi: 10.18278/ijc.3.1.4

At the Risk of Repeating Myself, Lumpenterrorism is Now with Us
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/ijc.3.1.5