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IJC Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2016

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Table of Contents
The Fight against Terrorism and Crime: A Paradigm Shift? An Algerian Perspective
Tewfik Hamel
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.1.1
The Use of Social Networks by Criminal Gangs
Thomas Legrain
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.1.2
Gangs and Their Evolution: A Major Criminological Problem
Julien Dufour & Abdelfettah Kabbsi
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.1.3
The European Court of Human Rights and the Protection of Prisoners' Rights
Jean-Paul Céré
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.1.4
The Mutations of Terrorism
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.1.5