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IJC Volume 4, Number 2, Winter 2016

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Table of Contents
Answering the Terrorism Challenge 
David Cohen 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.1
Know What You Are Fighting: Armed Salafism Criminology’s Contribution to Understanding Salafist Fundamentalism 
Farid Bencheikh 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.2
Organized Crime Behind Bars 
François Haut 
 doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.3
Telling Tales with Inspector PredPol 
Xavier Raufer 
 doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.4
The Legal Scheme of Exceptional Circumstances: Exception Tempered by a Respect for Freedoms 
Christian Vallar 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.5
From Emergence to Institutionalization of Security Departments within French Companies 
Laurent Griot and Olivier Hassid 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.6
Mafia: From the Use of Violence to Artificial Scarcity 
Clothilde Champeyrache 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.7
Private Security on a Global Level 
Alain Bauer and Cédric Paulin 
doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.8
Restorative Justice: Acknowledged Benefits versus Emerging Issues 
Catherine Rossi and Robert Cario 
 doi: 10.18278/ijc.4.2.9