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Introduction and Editorial Board

Welcome to the journal, Internet Learning. Our title shows our focus and our ambition. Our subject matter is the revolution that online learning has brought to the academy. Since the University of Bologna was founded in 1088, instruction was done face to face with the technologies of speaking and writing. The digital revolution has now offered an alternative to the physical classroom. For the first time, we can look at classroom data, patterns of interaction and patterns of learning fixed in data points. The digital revolution threatens to change how students learn, teachers teach and the education institutions manage data. We hope to become a forum for the larger issues of data collection, assessment and online learning. We look forward to keeping the great conversation alive.
Founding Editor: Dr. Frank McCluskey, Former Provost, American Public University System
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Kathleen Tate, American Public University System
Associate Editors: Dr. Melissa Layne, Dr. Jennifer Douglas, and Karen Srba, American Public University System
Editorial Board:
Lev Gonick, Case Western Reserve University
Kitayu Marre, University of Dayton
Gary Miller, Penn State University
Tony Picciano, City University of New York
Boria Sax, Mercy College
Peter Shea, State University of New York at Albany
Karen Swan, University of Illinois
Ellen Wager, WCET
Lynn Wright, American Public University System
Sarah Canfield Fuller, Shenandoah University
Paul Prinsloo, University of South Africa
Herman van der Merwe, North-West University: Vaal Triangle Campus
Ngoni Chipere, University of the West Indies
Tony Onwuegbuzie, Sam Houston State University
Molly M. Lim, Tiberius International
Clark Quinn,  Quinnovation
Tony Mays, South African Institute Distance Education
Robert Rosenbalm, Dallas County Community College District & The NUTN Network
Carmen Elena Cirnu, National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics, Bucharest
Mike Howarth, Middlesex University
Tarek Zoubir, Middlesex University
Jackie Hee Young Kim, Armstrong Atlantic State University
Hannah R. Gerber, Sam Houston State University
Mauri Collins, St. Rebel Design, LLC.
Don Olcott, Jr., HJ Global Associates
Kay Shattuck, Quality Matters and Penn State University
Karan Powell, American Public University System
John Sener, Senerknowledge LLC
Melissa Langdon, Curtin University, Australia
Kristin Betts, Drexel University
Barbara Altman, Texas A&M, Central Texas
Carmel Kent, The Center for Internet Research, University of Haifa
Carlos R. Morales, President, TCC Connect Campus, Tarrant County College District
Cali Morrison, American Public University
Jill Drake, University of West Georgia
Kevin Bell, Western Sydney University
Sasha Thackaberry, Southern New Hampshire University
Sara Willermark, University West, Sweden
Todd Cherner, Portland State University
Kelly Reiss, American Public University
Amanda Butler, Bartow County School System, Georgia
Adrian Zappala, Peirce College
Krisanna Machtmes, Ohio University
Conrad Lotze, American Public University System