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About Reading Interactive PDFs

Internet Learning accepts manuscripts that use multimedia material for publication. Articles with such material like videos, sound clips, book marks, etc., are published as Interactive PDF files. These files will be marked as IPDF. In order to properly display all multimedia content in these files, you must either:
1. save the file (download) into your computer by right-clicking on the article link and choosing the option "Save as...", then open it with a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader preferably. Your Adobe Reader must be up to date, and you need to be sure that you have installed the latest version.
2. open it in your browser, Safari or Internet Explorer (note that Chrome and Firefox do not support interactive PDFs). Your Adobe Flash software must also be up to date, and you should choose Adobe Reader as the preferred software for the browser to read PDF files.
Note that multimedia content may not display properly if your software is outdated. Please note also that not all devices are adequately set to display interactive PDFs. See more information on compatibility issues among various types of devices and interactive PDFs.
When possible, URLs linking to the original material will also be provided.