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Internet Learning Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2014


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Table of Contents

Collaborating with Faculty to Compose Exemplary Learning Objectives
Matthew M. Acevedo
Get Rid of the Gray: Make Accessibility More Black and White!
Erin Blauvelt
Continuous Improvement of the QM Rubric and Review Processes: Scholarship of Integration and Application
Kay Shattuck, Whitney Alicia Zimmerman, Deborah Adair
Measuring Online Course Design: A Comparative Analysis
Jiyu You, Sue Ann Hochberg, Phoebe Ballard, Mingli Xiao, Anthony Walters
Many Shades of MOOCs
Deborah Adair, Susan W. Alman, Danielle Budzick, Linda M. Grisham, Mary E. Mancini, A. Sasha Thackaberry
Effects of Student Readiness on Student Success in Online Courses
Leah A. Geiger, Daphne Morris, Susan L. Suboez, Kay Shattuck, Arthur Viterito
Developing a Community of Practice (CoP) through Interdisciplinary Research on Flipped Classrooms
Bobbie Seyedmonir, Kevin Barry, Mehdi Seyedmonir
Beliefs Regarding Faculty Participation in Peer Reviews of Online Courses
Andria F. Schwegler, Barbara W. Altman, Lisa M. Bunkowski
Surveying Student Perspectives of Quality: Value of QM Rubric Items
Penny Ralston-Berg