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Internet Learning Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2015

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Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor
Melissa Layne
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.1
Meeting the Holistic Needs of K-12 Online Learners: Designing Schools for the Future
Sarah Bryans-Bongey, Nevada State College
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.2
The Future of mLearning Begins with a Baseline Pedagogy
Elizabeth Cook, American Public University System
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.3
Employee Motivations for Workplace Learning and the Role of Elearning in the Workplace
Jason G. Caudill, King University
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.4
3 Questions for an Online Learning Leader
Featuring Phil Ice, American Public University System
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.5

The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Offering Massive Open Online Courses: Faculty Perspectives
Credence Baker, Tarleton State University, Fred Nafukho, Texas A&M University, Karen McCaleb, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Melissa Becker, Tarleton State University, and Michelle Johnson, Texas A&M University
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.6
The Intersection of Exemplar Professional Accreditation Standards and Quality Matters Rubric Standards for Best Practice in Distance Education
Nancy E. Krusen, Pacific University
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.7
Gamification Challenges and a Case Study in Online Learning
Darren Wilson, Colorado Technical University, Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University, and Brook Henderson, American Public University
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.8
Advanced Faculty Professional Development for Online Course Building: An Action Research Project
Philip Aust, Griselda Thomas, Tamara Powell, Christopher K. Randall, Vanessa Slinger-Friedman, Joe Terantino, and Tiffani Reardon, Kennesaw State University
doi: 10.18278/il.4.2.9