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Policy and Complex Systems Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2014

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Table of Contents
Editor’s Introduction
Mirsad Hadžikadić
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.7
Journal on Policy and Complex Systems: Letter to Editor
Michael Wolf-Branigin
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.8
Journal on Policy and Complex Systems: Letter to Editor
Michael Fullan
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.9

Complexity, Innovation, and Development: Schumpeter Revisited
Calestous Juma
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.1
Realizing Complex Policy: Using a Systems-of-Systems Approach to Develop and Implement Policy
David Dombkins
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.2
Enhancing ABM into an Inevitable Tool for Policy Analysis
Amineh Ghorbani, Francien Dechesne, Virginia Dignum, Catholijn Jonker
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.3
Policymaking in an Information Wired Environment: Realigning Government and Governance Relationships by Complexity Thinking
Claudio Inguaggiato, Sylvie Occelli
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.4
Dissolution of a Global Alliance: War or Peace
Vinogradova Galina, Serge Galam
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.5
The Price of Big Science: Saturation or Abundance in Scientific Publication?
Caroline S. Wagner, Dae Joong Kim
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.1.6