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Policy and Complex Systems Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2017


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Table of Contents
Growing Collaborations: Forecasting Changes in Partnership Networks using a Bottom-Up Approach
Steve Scheinert, Asim Zia, Christopher Koliba, and Scott Merrill
 doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.1 
A Complexity Context to Classroom Interactions and Climate: 
ABM Forecasting Achievment
Liz Johnson, Linda Lemasters, Prasun Bhattacharyya
 doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.2
An awareness based approach to sustainability: Agent-Based Modeling for decision making in energy policies
Giovanna Sissa, Paola Girdinio, Pietro Terna
 doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.3 
Complex   System  Behavoir  In  Democratic  Policy   Theory
 Micheal Givel
 doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.4
The Four Dimensions of Complexity: Using Framing in Resolving Wicked Problems (Poverty in the U.S.)
Ivan Udell
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.5
A systematic literature review of studies applying complex systems theory
 Felipe de Oliveira Simoyama, Flávia Mori Sarti 
 doi: 10.18278/jpcs.3.1.6