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Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society: Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2016

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Table of Contents
Foreword: Freemasonry: Spirituality and Symbolism
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.1
Theophilanthropy: A (Masonic) Plan for Deist Worship
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.2
Freemasonry Within French Society Between 1815 and 1945
André Combes
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.3
Oswald Wirth and the Symbolic Revival in Freemasonry
André Combes
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.4
Jinarajadasa (1875-1953): A Bridge Between East and West
Jean Iozia
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.5
The Impact of European Freemasonry on the Turkish Civil Society
Emanuela Locci
doi: 10.18278/rscs.4.1.6