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Ritual, Secrecy, and Civil Society: Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2013

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Table of Contents
Pierre Mollier
The Order of Ancient, Free & Accepted Masonry for Men & Women: Origins and Structures of the A.F.A.M. and the British Women’s Supreme Council
Bernard Dat
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.1
Women and Freemasonry in the Eighteenth Century: Some New Documents—The Giroust Manuscripts 
Françoise Moreillon
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.2
Some news from the “Russian Archives” about the early history of the high degrees: the Scottish Order in Berlin from 1742 to 1752 
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.3
Musical Cosmopolitanism in Paris 1779–1792 
Pierre-François Pinaud
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.4
Chrétien-Guillaume Riebesthal: From the Religions of the Revolution to Paramasonic Ceremonies 
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.5
Commentary on Albert Pike’s Baptism Ceremony 
Pierre Mollier
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.6
Interesting Masonic Ceremony: Baptism of Six Children 
Albert Pike
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.7
Washington D.C. Freemasonry in the Gilded Age 54
Guillermo De Los Reyes & Paul Rich
doi: 10.18278/rscs.1.1.8