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NWPP Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2014

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Table of Contents

Laudatory Greeting
Dr. Paul Rich, President Policy Studies Organization
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.1
Welcome to New Water Policy and Practice Journal
Jeff Camkin and Susana Neto
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.2
A More Useful Agenda for Water Management
Mike Muller (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.3
Engaging and Incentivizing the Private Sector: an Emerging Opportunity for the Water World
Zafar Adeel (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.4
Water on the African Continent and Its Use and Benefits for Development: A Vision for Angola
Carmen dos Santos (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.5
Integrated Water Resources Management from Rhetoric to Practice
Shahbaz Khan (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.6
Transboundary Wastewater Management Under Conditions of Inadequate Infrastruc-ture and Political Complexity: the Need for Decentralized Approaches
Clive Lipchin (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.7
Documenting and Communicating Methods Used in Interdisciplinary Research and in Research Implementation
Gabriele Bammer (Opinion editorial)
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.1.1.8