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NWPP Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2015

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Table of Contents

Editorial Welcome
Jeff Camkin and Susana Neto
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.1
Opinion Editorial:
From Lisbon to Brisbane: the Importance of Leadership Thinking on Water Services
Jaime Melo Baptista
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.2
Water and Energy Nexus: Who and How to Persuade?
Bounthavivanh Mixap
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.3
Review of the Role of Remote Sensing for Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Subham Mukherjee
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.4
Stakeholders’ Participation in Sustainable Water Resource Management
Sim Lay Mei, Chan Ngai Weng and Masazumi Ao
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.5
Current Practices of Animal Farming, Community Habits and Water Scarcity
Veronica Gallardo
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.1.6