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NWPP Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2016

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Table of Contents

Editorial Welcome
Jeff Camkin and Susana Neto
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.1
Opinion Editorial: Sustainable Development Goal 6 and Agenda 2030 – A Paradigm Shift in Water Management to Realise the Future We Want for All
Shahbaz Khan
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.2

Legal Duties for Restoration of Waterways and Wetlands
Alex Gardner and Jeanette Jensen
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.3
The Riverfront as a Mirror. The Case of the Transformations in Post-Soviet Cities
Jorge Gonçalves, Davit Asanidze and Pedro Pinto
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.4
The Impact of Art in Social Movements to Protect Water in the Northern Rivers Region in NSW
José Javier Serrano
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.5
Centralized vs. Decentralized Wastewater Systems - Potential of Water Reuse Within a Transboundary Context
Sara Boavida, Mafalda Pinto and Teresa Salvador
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.2.2.6