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NWPP Volume 3, Number 1, Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2016/Spring 2017

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Table of Contents

Editorial Welcome
Jeff Camkin and Susana Neto
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.
Water governance in New Zealand
Andrew Fenemor
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.

A Few Comments on the Brazilian Water Resource Policy
Márcia Ribeiro
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.
Evaluating Reform of Australia's Water Policy
Poh-Ling Tan
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.
Reflections on the Framework of Water Governance in South Africa 
Sabine Stuart-Hill and Ronald Schulze
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.
The Lisbon Charter for Public Policy and Regulation of Water Services
Jaime Melo Baptista 
doi: 10.18278/nwpp.