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Dupont Summit 2016 Preliminary Program


(Call For Proposals is Now CLOSED)

1. Distributed Energy, Efficiency & Storage to Harden Critical Infrastructure: To Address Resilency, Cyber Security, and Water Conservation, and Emmission Reduction 
Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, Ltd. 
2. Amping-Up Pedagogy Through Interdisciplinary Instruction: A Study of the Effects on Interdisciplinary Istruction to Undergraduate Attitudes and Values Related to Energy Issues at the U.S. Naval Academy 
Howard Ernst, Eisenhower Instiute 
3. Ensuring Health and Safety of Space Exploration Crews: Focus on Policy
Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University
4. The Evolving Nature of Offense and the Role of Norms in Cyberspace
Andrea Little Limbago, Endgame
5. Transpartisan Climate Protection: How Strange Bedfellows Can Boost Jobs and Cut Climate Pollution
June Taylor, Get America Working Again 
6. Low-Carbon Energy Security 
Max Gruenig, Ecologic Institute 
7. Science & Technology Policies and Poverty
Thomas Woodson, Stony Brook University
8.  What is Essential for Effective Regulation?
Stuart Umpleby, George Washington University; Jason Jixuan Hu, Wintop Group; Robert Knisely; Frank T. Anbari, Drexel University; Morris Bosin, Grant Thorton International Ltd. 
9.  The Southern California Asthma Files -- Expanding the Six Cities Project to Look at Citizen Science, Enviornmental Justice, and the Shaping of Environmental Policies  
Jessie Levin, Pomona College; Christy Spackman, Harvey Mudd College; Richard Worthington, Pomona College; Kim Fortun, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
10. Public Policymaking by Private Organizations: Challenges to Democratic Governance 
Catherine Rudder, George Mason University; A. Lee Fritschler, George Mason University; Yon Jon Choi, George Mason University
11. STEM and Diplomacy: Bridging the Digital and Knowledge Divides
Connie McNeely, George Mason University
12. Big Data Analytics: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues 

Connie McNeely, George Mason University
13. Policy Measures in Support of Asteroid Mining and Resource Extraction in the Solar System

Marshall Eubanks, Asteroid Initiatives LLC

14. Congressional Committee Seniority and Gridlock: Public Policy Consequences
Karen M. McCurdy, Georgia Southern University
15. Utilizing Natural Gas Generators to Reduce Emissions and Flared Gas
Greyson Buckingham, Mesa Natural Gas Solutions LLC
16. From Fire Whirls to Blue Whirls and Combustion With Reduced Pollution
Huahua Xiao, University of Maryland, College Park; Michael J. Gollner, University of Maryland, College Park
17. Title IX as a Tool for Addressing Gender Inequity in Access to Science and Engineering Careers
Lisa Frehill, National Science Foundation and Energetics Technology Center
18. Conflict Resolution and Anti-terrorism in ASEAN: The Case of Thailand
Keokam Kraisoraphong, Chulalongkorn University
19. The Political Dimension of Sustainability -- Why Do Policies in S. Korea Fail to Adapt to Forseeable Risks? 
Jungwoo Chun, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20. Implementing Legislative Strengthening Programs: Who is in Control? 
David E. Guinn, SUNY Center for Inernational Development; Jeffrey D. Straussman, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany, SUNY
21. Mandatory Data Reporting: The Unused Tool in Legislative Oversight
Thomas Bridle, Independent Development Consultant 
22. Legislative Roles in Addressing Major Impediments in the Process of Democratic Transiton and Consolidation: The Case of the Ukrainian Parliament 
Irina Khmelko, University of Tennessee; Michael Bonnal, University of Tennessee
23. The Role of the New Parliament in the Stage of Economic Crisis: The Case of the Slovene National Assembly 
Drago Zajc, University of Ljubljana
24. Consolidation of or Resistance to Democracy Revisited: Democratization and the Turkish Grand National Assembly 
Ömer Faruk Gençkaya, Marmara University; Gamze Çürüksulu, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University 
25. Outdated Systems, New Business Drivers: How Companies are Going Beyond the Regulatory Horizon to Create a Sustainable Future  
Carol Singer Neuvelt, The National Association for Environmental Management 
26. Machines, Morality and (Hu)Mankind: The Future of Artificial Intelligence  
Dean Garfield, Information Technology Industry Council

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