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PSO Events in the Washington DC Area

Below are a list of the events hosted and sponsored by the Policy Studies Organization in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We are proud to partner with the American Public University System, in a joint effort to teach, discuss, and disseminate policy scholarship within our community. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about any of our conferences.
Click on the name of each event below for more detailed information.

Criminology for WEB
When: Friday October 20th, 2017
Where: The Historic Whittemore House, (Washington, D.C.)
What: The purpose of the conference is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about topics related to criminology in its broadest context, including causes, consequences both on a micro and macro level, control and prevention...
When: Friday December 1st, 2017
Where: The Historic Whittemore House, (Washington, D.C.)
What: The purpose of the Dupont Summit is to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about pressing issues related to science, technology and the environment. The conference mirrors the interest of the PSO and its partners in promoting conversation about current policy concerns...
MED logo
When: March 23rd, 2018
Where: The Historic Whittemore House, (Washington, D.C.)
What: The Middle East Dialogue is for policy makers, scholars, business and social leaders, to discuss current issues. Its purpose is to promote multidisciplinary conversation about topics that include, but are not limited to education initiatives, social, economic and political reforms, nuclear proliferation, interfaith dialogue, women's gains and challenges, peace initiatives, and potential areas of conflict...
WCP Logo
When: May 17-18, 2018
Where: The Historic Whittemore House, (Washington, D.C.)
What: The World Conferences on Fraternalism are held alternatively in Paris (2019, 2021) in odd numbered years and in Washington in even numbered years. (2018, 2020). The Paris conferences are held at the French national library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and the Washington conferences at the historic Whittemore House...
PSW logo
When: Ongoing
Where: Cosmos Club, (Washington DC) 
What: The Policy Studies Organization proudly sponsors the ongoing Guest Lecture Series of the Philosophical Society of Washington. The Lectures, which are the centerpiece of all Philosophical Society of Washington meetings, are selected to appeal to those with a general interest in science and do not require a specialized knowledge of the subject...