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IJC Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2013

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Table of Contents
Alain Bauer
The Art of Criminology in a Hostile Environment
Alain Bauer
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.1
Restorative Justice: The Dual Recognition of Crime Victims and Offenders
Robert Cario
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.2
Subprime or subcrime? The criminal dimension of the financial crises: an astonishing denial of reality
Jean-François Gayraud
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.3
Demographic Analysis of the Penal System: A Different Approach to Sentencing
Pierre Victor Tournier
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.4
Competition Between Those Involved in Public Debate on Crime Statistics: Formalization and Case Studies Based on Direct Experience
Cyril Rizk & Christophe Soullez
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.5
Psycho-Criminology of Sectarian Reality
Loïck M. Villerbu
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.6
Al Qaeda’s Western Volunteer Corps
Mitchell D. Silber
doi: 10.18278/ijc.1.1.7