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Internet Learning Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2012


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Table of Contents



The Professor as Craftsman in the Digital Age

Frank McCluskey
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.1


An Inquiry into Relationships Between Demographic Factors and Teaching, Social, and Cognitive Presence

Angela M. Gibson, Phil Ice, Rob Mitchell, and Lori Kupczynski
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.2

Assessing Virtual Students' Quiz Performance in Web-Mediated Synchronous Instruction

Ed Gibson
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.3

Online Courses: Student Preferences Survey

Margaret Gillingham and Carol Molinari
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.4

A Research Review about Online Learning: Are Students Satisfied? Why so Some Succeed and Others Fail? What Contributes to Higher Retention Rates and Positive Learning Outcomes?

George Lorenzo
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.5

Ethical, Academic, and Practical Considerations for Online Teaching: Does the Search for Quality and Integrity Come at the Expense of Academic Freedom?

Manfred M. Meine, Thomas P. Dunn, and Robert Abbey
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.6

Asynchronous Online Education Credit Hours by the Book

Frederick Carl Prasuhn
doi: 10.18278/il.1.1.7