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Internet Learning, Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2017/Summer 2017

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Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor
Kathleen Tate, American Public University System 
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.1
The Value of Common Definitions in Student Success Research: Setting the Stage for Adoption and Scale
Karen Vignare, KV Consulting, Ellen D. Wagner, Hobsons, and Karen Swan, University of Illinois, Springfield
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.2
Constructivist Teaching Patterns and Student Interaction
Michael S. Miller-First, Higher Education Consultant
Kristin L. Ballard, University of the Rockies
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.3
Immersive Technology: Motivational Reactions from Preservice Teachers
Kevin J. Graziano, Nevada State College
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.4
From the Field
3 Questions for an Online Learning Leader
Featuring Russell Poulin, Director, Policy & Analysis, WCET - The Western Insterstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), Cooperative for Educational Technologies
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.5
Book Reviews
A Review of What Connected Educators Do Differently
Tisha Duncan, Meredith College
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.6
Media Reviews
Thinking of Rubrics for your Online Course? Consider These Features
Christina L. Dryden, American Public University System
doi: 10.18278/il.6.1.7