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Policy and Complex Systems Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 2014

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Table of Contents
Welcome to Policy and Complex Systems Journal
Mirsad Hadžikadić
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.9
Complexity Theory Section
Complexity: A Review of the Classics
Bernardo Alves Furtado, Ph.D. & Patrícia Alessandra Morita Sakowski
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.1
Systematic Power from a Complexity Theory Point of View
John R. Wood, Ph.D. & Michael Givel, Ph.D.
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.2
Application of Complexity in Policy Section
Islamic Development Thinking After the Global Financial Crisis: Shaking the “Consensus” or Mimicking It
Robert Geyer, Ph.D. & Steve Royle, Ph.D.
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.3
Functionality, Accuracy, and Feasibility: Talking with Modelers
Jennifer Badham
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.4
Complexity and Policy Simulations
Bridging Complexity Science and the Social Determinants of Health
George A. Kaplan, Ph.D. & Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH 
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.5
Modeling Market Dynamics in a Super Octane Ethanol Fuel Blend-Vehicle Power-train System: Understanding the role of consumer perception in ethanol market growth
William Chernicoff, Sergey Naumov, Shahryar Sarkani, Ph.D., & Thomas Holzer, Ph.D.
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.6
What’s On the Menu: Assessing Manufactured Risk in Restaurant Inspection Systems Using Agent-Based Models
Sara McPhee-Knowles
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.7
Book Review
Book Review - Dynamics Among Nations: The Evolution Of Legitimacy And Development In Modern States
David Hales, Ph.D.
doi: 10.18278/jpcs.1.2.8